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» PhotoProfessional V1.50, FREE Update (for P800 / P900)

Summary: Get a FREE Update to PhotoProfessional V1.50.

Arrived: 2003-12-25
Found under: photoprofessional, v150, free, update, p800, p900
Symbian PhotoProfessional V1.50, FREE Update (for P800 / P900) freeware

» PhotoProfessional V1.50, FREE Update (for P800 / P900) Description

PhotoProfessional V1.50, FREE Update (for P800 / P900)

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For common information about Nicevalley, please visit Nicevalley. Informationen in Deutsch:
Allgemeine Informationen über Nicevalley, finden Sie hier. PhotoProfessional ist komplett in Deutsch und Englisch (Programm und Hilfe). Weitere Informationen über PhotoProfessional in Deutsch finden Sie hier.

NEW Top Feature: Masked Filters!

NEW Top Feature: Without masking a picture, every filter influences the whole picture, although you only want to filter critical sections. This is what our all new mask feature allows! Select the button that you want to mask the picture. Then just mark the section by the pen and apply the filter(s) you like - and done. Easier that ever! Example: This example used the inverted mask and the Sepia filter only. Inverted means, that everything outside of the masked object will be filtered. (If the normal mask would have been chosen, the rose would be sepia now and the rest would stay colored.)

NEW: MMS-Format

NEW: There is a new predefined MMS format available. This allows to cut a picture to the size of 160 by 120 pixels. Most of other devices expect a MMS picture in this size. NEW: In total 11 formats for P800, 12 for P900 (see screen shot plus original and free format on toolbar).

Buy Now:

BUY NOW: Early buyers can update future PhotoProfessional version for free. This is our "Thank You" to early buyers. BUY NOW: Our next plan is to make the draw functions even better (with a zoom function, precise drawing and more colors). Zoom function will also be available for effect functions (masked filters), if you like to have the mask even more precise.

NOTE: Check for the whole list of features

NOTE: For the complete list of features, please look at ProtoProfessional V1.50. NOTE: For a smaller version with basic functions, please look at ProtoEnhancer FlyWeight V1.70. NOTE: For buyers already having one of the PhotoEnhancer versions: We have an Upgrade pack for you. Please look at ProtoProfessional V1.50 Upgrade. NOTE: For all titles of Nicevalley, please click here.

the PhotoProfessional V1.50, FREE Update (for P800 / P900) for Symbian OS

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