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» Pico Translate

Summary: Pico Translate for Symbian s60 5th edition widget is a free, powerful and easy-to-use multilingual translation interface

Symbian s60 5th edition

Arrived: 2010-10-24
Found under: translate, google, dictionary, word, language, s60, 5th
Symbian Pico Translate freeware

» Pico Translate Description

Pico Translate for Symbian s60 5th edition widget is a free, powerful and easy-to-use multilingual translation interface that uses the Google translation engine and satisfies your translation needs on the go.

The widget is similar to its web based translation service, but it is a flash based Google Translation application and translates words or a section of text into another language.
Unfortunately, there are several limitations and missing functions like the limited number of offered languages, the support for site translations, a dictionary and tools. However you can always switch to S60 browser and use the regular web based translation engine.

The application is mainly developed to appeal to travelers who donít want to carry around phrase books and as it uses as minimal amount of data as possible it is perfect solution while youíre abroad!

the Pico Translate for Symbian OS

» Comments

Sun24Oct at 6:52 am
taufiq wrote...
thanks...its useful
Fri29Oct at 2:39 pm
Bisi wrote...
Please, how can get authentication password and username. thanks
Sun31Oct at 10:25 pm
waleed wrote...
thanks alot ihope it works on my phone
Tue2Nov at 4:12 am
vinay wrote...
for use in study
Thu4Nov at 1:52 am
eddy sumitro wrote...
thats gud for me. .
Mon8Nov at 12:53 pm
Mariano wrote...
Can I use on my Samsung S5620 ? Tks
Tue23Nov at 9:40 pm
theresa kristin wrote...
Is it work with no internet connection
Wed1Dec at 11:43 pm
zaky wrote...
ca i use on nokia E72...thanks
Mon13Dec at 7:54 pm
Mailiu wrote...
Tue21Dec at 11:53 pm
eakkae wrote...
Mon27Dec at 7:54 pm
Repefofot wrote...
for Interction with foreign
Tue8Mar at 6:15 pm
abibuan wrote...
Tue31May at 7:47 am
arie.doank wrote...
Mon20Jun at 7:19 am
dooyum daniel wrote...
can't downlaod
Wed29Jun at 2:33 pm
haitham wrote...
Wed29Jun at 2:34 pm
haitham wrote...
Sun10Jul at 3:53 pm
Barkatullah wrote...
Sun28Aug at 4:02 am
haleh wrote...
Sat7Jan at 3:41 pm
rty rtyrt wrote...
Fri9Mar at 12:13 am
sarfarazahmad wrote...
I want a dictionary
Fri27Jul at 12:35 am
Renee wrote...
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Thu4Oct at 5:19 am
david wrote...



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