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» Psiloc World Traveler v1.05.4 Symbian 5th and 3rd Edition

Summary: Updated! World Traveler is a symbian application developed by Psiloc that is aimed to make a business traveler’s life easier.


Arrived: 2010-04-15
Found under: world, information, travel, weather, clock, plans
Symbian Psiloc World Traveler v1.05.4 Symbian 5th and 3rd Edition freeware

» Psiloc World Traveler v1.05.4 Symbian 5th and 3rd Edition Description

World Traveler is a symbian application developed by Psiloc that is aimed to make a business traveler’s life easier. The currently released version offers four basic FREE for end user services:

* Weather – a five day weather forecast and current conditions for around 2200 most popular travel locations worldwide.
* World Clock – four analog or digital clocks which show local time at four cities of your choice simultaneously.
* Currencies – automatic currency converter which uses local exchange rates. The currencies plug-in supports daily closing values of 184 exchange rates.
* World Map – a moving 3D globe which shows day and night zones, My City and any city selected by the user.

New in version 1.05.4:

* No need to uninstall World Traveler if your Travel Safe password is lost. Now you can reset your password for Travel Safe (and clear your saved data);
* New prompt for automatic connections when traveling abroad prevents accidental internet use;
* Landed status on a flight automatically stops further updates for that flight;
* New option compares server time with phone time and suggests a correction;
* Minor bug fixes.

Psiloc World Traveler Symbian 5th and 3rd Edition Screenshot

World Traveler is a symbian application developed by Psiloc that is aimed to make a business traveler’s life easier.

the Psiloc World Traveler v1.05.4 Symbian 5th and 3rd Edition for Symbian OS

» Comments

Thu13Aug at 10:27 pm
Tiago Bugarin wrote...
Months ago, when Psiloc released the first version of World Traveler I went out to test it. Well, everything is ok but the wheather and 3D map thing. Thing is I live in Salvador,Brazil, a tropical city, and back to version 1.00 there was a bug. My city was pinpointed at Antartica (yeah, the cold south polar icy continent) and my city's weather where from Antartica. At day one I contacted them and reported the bug. A day or two later they responded about correcting in a future version. So I waited for this version to come. Today I was looking my aggregator and found out that it is here, the update. And so is the bug. Beautiful, but I do not live in a place with a 4 degrees celcius climate. Erased, again from the device's memory.
Sat22Aug at 9:10 am
girish wrote...
it is nice
Wed9Sep at 4:29 am
kostas wrote...
its fantstique
Tue27Oct at 4:27 am
Bulent Akman wrote...
The version with the bug is very old. My regrets that you experienced problems. They have now been corrected. The latest version of World Traveler is available for download at:
Sun17Jan at 2:50 pm
brahim wrote...
its fantstique
Mon25Jan at 9:37 am
Frederick Naff wrote...
This program has a lot of nice features, but I got it so I'd know when flights are on time and when they're late. So far I've used it several times and it has not told me about flights that are late. It showed them as on time, even several hours after they had landed, so it's not just that they don't get the information fast enough. Nice program, but doesn't do what I got it for.
Fri16Apr at 4:26 am
arjet wrote...
Sun6Jun at 3:37 pm
Adam wrote...
very good
Sun17Oct at 11:29 am
elijabaley wrote...
This program is installed by default on my Nokia E52. It is annoyng, it always requests web access(I haven't a flat connection). A question: how can I remove it? It is installed, but in the list of installed programs in the application manager it doesn't appears.
Thu17Feb at 10:24 am
tilak raj wrote...
please world traveler free sotware
Sun8May at 5:10 am
Beware! DON'T install! Spy App cannot be uninstalled / removed from phone wrote...
Beware! DON'T install! App cannot be uninstalled / removed from phone Application is always on - can be neither turned off, nor uninstalled. Moreover, it has a Watchdog-app making it impossible to remove it. You can only set the interval between update trials to manual, but the app still sayt, it must connect, even in offline mode! I tried to remove the app files using Y-Browser, but they are read only and I get error -46 Main functionality - flight searching - does not work at all on E52. See for yourself: www worldtraveler biz / faq.html see google group "psiloc_applications" - someone has checked, that this is spyware!
Sun15May at 11:34 am
shohdymosa wrote...
Sun15May at 11:37 am
shohdymosa wrote...
Sun28Oct at 3:27 am
Iwan wrote...
Hi, I jumped as soon as I saw Wikitude's abialivality for Symbian but I own a tiny Nokia 6129 Classic, which while powerful on Symbian, might not be powerful enough on the hardware side. I would still love to have such an app and therefore ask if there will ever be Wikitude for my phone, and if not, why? I would love to know the required specs for such an application. Also, I live in a South American country where I'm sure almost no information is provided for from any such app (though I'd love to be proven wrong) and would be more than willing to load such information, which would be very easy and a pleasure to me.



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