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» QuickMark v3.3 barcode reader

Summary: Scan 2D-barcodes with your camera phone !

Symbian camera phone

Arrived: 2007-11-02
Found under: barcode, reader
Symbian QuickMark v3.3 barcode reader freeware

» QuickMark v3.3 barcode reader Description

Scan 2D-barcodes with your camera phone !

QuickMark is a 2-D barcode system designed for mobility electronic devices with camera module (such as camera phones, PDA, smart phones, Webcams, scanners, decoders and etc.) The system provide encode, make code, decode tools and application service. It's a light, quick and easy to use application. QuickMark can simplify the original tedious operate process on cell phones. With low gap, only 3 hundred thousand pixel cameras are required, any user can download the decode software free from QuickMark website.

Try it buy scanning this code with your camera phone

the QuickMark v3.3 barcode reader for Symbian OS

» Comments

Sat3Nov at 7:19 pm
Hani wrote...
Good good
Sat3Nov at 7:21 pm
Hani wrote...
Good good
Mon5Nov at 11:48 pm
sabeer wrote...
Sun11Nov at 1:21 pm
wild wrote...
great procduct to work with.
Sun30Dec at 5:54 pm
89uio wrote...
Fri18Jan at 8:03 am
paupiah nanden wrote...
has to be tested
Sun3Feb at 1:38 am
Ko Ko Ye` wrote...
Good. Free is excellent. I Like GPL.
Fri21Mar at 2:33 pm
ahmedisham wrote...
im a it technician
Mon21Apr at 12:49 pm
Tariq wrote...
Gud mann... I like it
Fri8Aug at 5:08 pm
Kenoalsdann wrote...
Thu4Sep at 8:05 pm
tonymore wrote...
very good
Mon8Sep at 3:22 pm
tonymore wrote...
very good
Tue21Oct at 11:22 pm
hiten wrote...
hi there
Fri6Mar at 12:05 am
llyo wrote...
It also supports 1D barcodes.
Sun22Mar at 12:20 am
mark wrote...
cool , v3.8 really support 1d code
Sun13Dec at 2:19 am
Homer Caro wrote...
good app
Sat9Jan at 3:08 am
Andy wrote...
Why isn't this reader on the app stores for mobile? I have a Nokia, and am looking for a 1D barcode scanner - this is not on the Nokia app store (nor is any other 1D scanner for my phone model). I just looked at the installation docs for Symbian OS... QuickMark's install process could/should be much simpler.
Mon21Jun at 1:30 pm
Pete wrote...
I want a bar code reader for the Sony Ericsson Satio....Was suppose to be the best phone ever when this came out...It's a bag of sh1te!!!
Mon5Jul at 7:48 am
Eve Langley wrote...
Oh god I hate my phone. samsung solstice A887 PLEASE EMAIL ME IF YOUR REALY LISTENING ???B
Wed11Aug at 3:17 pm
PATRICK wrote...
oh my goodness
Sat21Aug at 1:31 pm
Mpezeni wrote...
Great fun
Mon23Aug at 8:40 am
basith wrote...
Tue24Aug at 12:54 pm
Manoj wrote...
Thu2Sep at 3:15 am
ToShi wrote...
Absolutely perfect. Thank you.
Tue28Sep at 11:26 pm
Roland wrote...
Wed13Oct at 12:06 am
putera wrote...
hiiy y
Wed13Oct at 12:06 am
putera wrote...
hiiy y
Sun7Nov at 11:23 pm
sawan wrote...
Wed17Nov at 9:08 pm
Pravin wrote...
Sat20Nov at 11:47 pm
Sachin wrote...
What about 1D barcode scanner, is it available for S60-3rd edition platform?
Thu9Dec at 7:32 am
thomas wrote...
i love synbian
Mon3Jan at 2:35 am
Richard wrote...
Why are reviews and comments on Symbian apps so brainless? Is it because the average Symbian user has a low IQ? On this page and on the Ovi store all you get is comments like "nice", "fab", "rubbish", "doesn't work", in various languages. Can't anyone write a sensible and balanced opinion? Or even just a proper sentence? Anyway what's the point o this 2D barcode reader? Why would I want to read a barcode?
Mon10Jan at 8:45 am
click wrote...
Symbian = no nonsense. Symbian users = busy people. Better/more important things to do.
Tue11Jan at 4:47 am
hoshiar singh wrote...
i like very much
Sat12Feb at 6:10 pm
Sdon wrote...
Pls i can't download pls send instruction on how 2 download from your site.I must confuss dat ur site is the best
Thu3Mar at 2:53 am
RAJNISH wrote...
thank you
Mon7Mar at 4:46 am
gupsac wrote...
fine and nice
Wed16Mar at 12:34 pm
sateesh wrote...
Fri25Mar at 2:48 am
Adnanmobile447 wrote...
Fri25Mar at 6:28 pm
mama samba wrote...
Thu7Apr at 12:53 pm
s don wrote...
pls i can't download why pls show me d way to download
Tue12Apr at 10:16 am
Lars wrote...
Hey what's the purpose to scan BAR-cods with one's mobile? Pls respond by email!
Tue12Apr at 10:17 am
Lars wrote...
Hey what's the purpose to scan BAR-cods with one's mobile? Pls respond by email!
Tue12Apr at 10:17 am
Lars wrote...
Hey what's the purpose to scan BAR-cods with one's mobile? Pls respond by email!
Tue12Apr at 10:18 am
Lars wrote...
Hey what's the purpose to scan BAR-cods with one's mobile? Pls respond by email!
Sat16Apr at 12:18 am
izhar wrote...
its excellent
Thu28Apr at 6:58 am
denish wrote...
Mon6Jun at 7:53 am
sahel wrote...
fuck uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Mon6Jun at 9:04 am
lotfi wrote...
its excellent
Tue14Jun at 10:36 pm
rock wrote...
Sat25Jun at 7:21 am
Mimin wrote...
Ope it wil work on my handset
Wed29Jun at 3:14 am
Faraz wrote...
Wed29Jun at 3:19 am
Faraz wrote...
Wed24Aug at 10:14 pm
anderson wrote...
trying mode activated
Sun28Aug at 3:23 am
Omkar wrote...
Yet to try it lol
Tue20Sep at 9:56 am
vind wrote...
very good
Tue1Nov at 10:20 pm
azeeshah99 wrote...
good app :p
Sun4Dec at 2:38 pm
Oluwaseun wrote...
Unable to download
Sat17Dec at 8:51 pm
sabbir wrote...
Mon26Dec at 2:15 pm
interas wrote...
Thu8Mar at 10:20 pm
Namithp wrote...
Good application
Thu8Mar at 10:20 pm
Namithp wrote...
Good application
Sat14Apr at 9:42 am
Sachinbatule93 wrote...
Nice app
Thu30Aug at 6:06 am
abhi wrote...
unable download using cell phone.. Plz make easy way to downld
Fri31Aug at 3:32 am
Rahul Singh wrote...
hey i wana use b.r
Thu20Sep at 3:48 pm
Paola wrote...
I disagree.As an avid surpopter of European IT (I was former distributor of RISC OS and Acorn Computers systems whom invented the ARM cpu). In fact due to latest negative comments on Nokia I've put my money where my mouth is.I actually bought a C7 myself and convinced other ppl to get a Nokia smartphone as well. If just to support the Symbian crew of Nokia (and beyond). This is the last European OS alive. We CAN'T let it die.



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