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» Quran Browser v0.2

Summary: Read English Quran translation on your mobile phone.

Symbian Nokia S60 v3.x phones

Arrived: 2008-01-23
Found under: quran, browser, database, religion, isliam
Symbian Quran Browser v0.2 freeware

» Quran Browser v0.2 Description

Read English Quran translation on your mobile phone. This program, allows you to browse, navigate and search verses of the Quran. English translation is by Marmaduke Pickthall. With this program Quran will always be with you on your mobile phone. Version 0.2 is compatible with Nokia S60 v3.x phones.

the Quran Browser v0.2 for Symbian OS

» Comments

Wed23Jan at 2:03 pm
Hasan wrote...
Wed23Jan at 6:54 pm
imam wrote...
i need u software
Fri25Jan at 9:43 am
helen wrote...
cool... nice sha Allah!
Fri25Jan at 9:50 am
xt101 wrote...
very very nice
Sun27Jan at 11:06 am
jerr wrote...
Mon28Jan at 4:55 am
anas wrote...
awsom soft
Sun10Feb at 5:19 am
Arif wrote...
Good mashaallah
Sun4May at 9:21 am
Allah's servant wrote...
is it allowed to have quran translation without the original text? I hope people consider my comment
Sun15Jun at 10:20 pm
Mirza wrote...
Good soft
Thu25Sep at 11:26 pm
yusuf wrote...
masha allah
Fri20Feb at 10:57 am
Qaisar Akram wrote...
Sun19Jul at 12:50 am
Imran ahmed wrote...
Its nice.
Fri5Mar at 3:29 am
shabir ahmed wrote...
i need a Quran reciter cum translator software for nokia e63.. please help..
Mon8Mar at 5:35 pm
ameer wrote...
i love it
Wed26May at 10:05 am
Oumar wrote...
Very good
Sun2Jan at 2:10 pm
rafiq wrote...
so nice
Fri4Mar at 8:21 pm
soile kazeem wrote...
Fri24Jun at 1:41 am
louai wrote...
Tue13Dec at 11:07 pm
fernandis wrote...
Fri25May at 3:22 pm
Hamdelah ahmed wrote...
I can't download the quran please help me now
Mon22Oct at 1:32 am
Jahir hussain wrote...
I can not download in mobile quran



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