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» Remote Professional UIQ 3.0 Skins

Summary: UIQ 3.0 Skins for Remote Professional

Remote Professional 2.84 or above

Arrived: 2008-04-25
Found under: remote, professional, uiq, skins,
Symbian Remote Professional UIQ 3.0 Skins freeware

» Remote Professional UIQ 3.0 Skins Description

UIQ3 Skins for Remote Professional This package contains the skins of the following mobile phones for use with Remote Professional:
Sony Ericsson M600Sony Ericsson P1Sony Ericsson P990Sony Ericsson W950
INSTALLATION: Please start the setup application to install the skin package for Remote Professional. The setup application will automatically install the appropriate files into the default directory of Remote Professional. You don't need to stop Remote Professional before installing a skin package. The new skins will be automatically detected and can be used right away. REQUIREMENTS: You need Remote Professional version 2.84 or above installed on your computer. If you haven't installed Remote Professional yet or are using a version before 2.84, the skin setup application will download and install the latest release of Remote Professional for you!

the Remote Professional UIQ 3.0 Skins for Symbian OS

» Comments

Sun25May at 1:57 am
Busrak Shata wrote...
Thu29May at 10:46 am
Buyung wrote...
Very good
Wed4Jun at 3:17 pm
haffiz wrote...
Sat5Jul at 6:19 am
ANDREI wrote...
it's ok
Sat30Aug at 3:07 am
Sherif Shaheen wrote...
Thu8Jan at 4:00 pm
nima rahimi wrote...
Thu6Oct at 6:52 am
leyy wrote...
Sat22Dec at 2:35 pm
Adovi wrote...
Its good application



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