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» Romplr

Summary: Romplr for Symbian s60 5th edition is the first remixing application for your Nokia!

Symbian s60 5th edition

Arrived: 2010-09-20
Found under: mix, music, player, record, artist, play, s60, 5th
Symbian Romplr freeware

» Romplr Description

Romplr for Symbian s60 5th edition is the first remixing application for your Nokia! With this app, you can browse an ever-expanding catalog of hip hop & dance beats & take control of the mix. You can personalize by dropping the bass, layer the drums etc. You get full control of each MixKit with 8 loops that will never play out of sync, and you can add extra samples by tapping the FX buttons. It ís that easy!
With Romplr, fans can connect to artists' music in a whole new personal way by creating their own versions of a song and being part of the creative process. In addition to the core song elements, fans can then record and share their mixes through Facebook Connect, through email or on, the online interactive music companion site.


* Fully Branded Mixer Screen
* 8 Loops of Music
* 7 One Shot FX
* Ability to Record and Share Mixes
* Facebook Connect

the Romplr for Symbian OS

» Comments

Sat2Oct at 3:57 am
kian wrote...
Sat9Oct at 1:40 pm
kachbigeasy wrote...
hope it works
Fri29Oct at 8:25 am
Russel wrote...
Romplr free download
Wed3Nov at 8:22 am
gm.endang wrote...
download failed
Wed3Nov at 8:23 am
gm.endang wrote...
download failed
Mon27Dec at 8:20 am
saneem wrote...
filterable music player
Tue1Feb at 11:59 pm
nishantchamling wrote...
download Romplr
Thu3Feb at 11:08 am
gavd wrote...
Wed16Feb at 12:07 am
rahul wrote...
Tue22Feb at 2:34 am
momo wrote... need beta ....
Mon9May at 7:14 am
carlo wrote...
doesn't work on nokia n8
Fri29Jul at 2:07 am
herisoa njaka wrote...
I like this application
Sat1Oct at 7:37 am
avinash wrote...
its not wrk
Tue4Oct at 2:21 am
dhonny wrote...
download failed.
Fri21Sep at 8:58 am
rehan wrote...



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