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» Rotary Dialer

Summary: Rotary Dialer is an old fashioned rotary dialer for Nokia 5800 XM.

Symbian s60 5th edition

Arrived: 2009-03-29
Found under: appllication, dialer, rotary, s60
Symbian Rotary Dialer freeware

» Rotary Dialer Description

Rotary Dialer is an old fashioned rotary dialer for Nokia 5800 XM. Its fully functional and uses the vibrate of the phone to great effect. Once you've entered your number you can hit the "Call" button to place a call.

the Rotary Dialer for Symbian OS

» Comments

Sun29Mar at 11:42 am
brackie wrote...
nice en this is not a joke but it works .thanks
Wed1Apr at 5:21 am
hosa wrote...
i like to download microsoft excell to my nokia 5800xm
Wed1Apr at 8:07 pm
adam clayton wrote...
good app
Thu14May at 3:23 pm
Gene wrote...
doesnt work on my 5800, looks like a virus
Wed15Jul at 2:13 am
kncha wrote...
This is a piece of crap .Don't waste your time and memory.You can't enter the area code. It doesn't sound like an old phone.Bullshit!
Fri4Dec at 3:15 am
giulius wrote...
very original
Wed20Apr at 12:01 pm
royalabdullayev wrote...



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