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» SmartCam v 1.4

Summary: Smart Phone Web Camera - Turns a Symbian Series 60 phone with bluetooth and camera into a handy webcam ready to use with your PC

* Windows PC
* Symbian S60
* Bluetooth

Arrived: 2009-02-04
Found under: camera, bluetooth, transmit, webcam, s60
Symbian SmartCam v 1.4 freeware

» SmartCam v 1.4 Description

SmartCam - Smart Phone Web Camera - Turns a Symbian Series 60 phone with bluetooth and camera into a handy webcam ready to use with your PC

SmartCam is an open-source application that runs on Windows XP or Vista, enabling any S60-powered handset's camera to double up as a webcam.

Before you get started though, remember to install the SmartCam application onto your Windows machine followed by the mobile client on the S60 device.

the SmartCam v 1.4 for Symbian OS

» Comments

Thu5Feb at 8:05 pm
Rana wrote...
Hmmm good it was
Fri6Feb at 12:07 am
hasim mallick wrote...
this is very good.
Fri6Feb at 2:38 pm
Peter wrote...
Very good. Simpel and effective Especially the wireless lan connection is impressive.
Sun15Feb at 2:09 am
Mayank wrote...
hi friends can anyone tell how to configure with pc. which application needs to install on pc.
Wed25Mar at 3:35 pm
Rafiq wrote...
Great job... very nice and easy to install. video capture option is very good also.
Fri27Mar at 4:38 pm
Alric95 wrote...
on the phone, what is the "server name" ? I obtain each time "time out"
Thu2Apr at 9:01 pm
amiltop wrote...
"Server name" is the IP address of your PC (you can copy it so you can easily paste it the next time you connect).
Sun12Apr at 10:52 pm
Mario wrote...
Works with Nokia E71! Simple and easy to install.
Thu7May at 8:54 pm
Gerson wrote...
I'm trying to use it with my N95 8Gb using the bluetooth connection but something must be missing. I lready use BT to connect my N95 to my PC to install apps and sync data, but when I tried to connect SmartCam using BT I get an error: "Bluetooth discovery error -25" Any ideas anyone ? tks
Wed22Jul at 10:59 am
jamie wrote...
does this work on nokia n97 can someone tell me a good site to download free games apps themes for nokia n97 plz get back to me thnks
Tue25Aug at 9:07 am
afzalkhan wrote...
what the mother fucking problem is with this software, it always givin bluetooth discovery error -25 or 6312 in my n73. is somebody have a proper solution???????????????
Wed26Aug at 12:51 pm
castas82 wrote...
It worked for me. Leave settings on wifi on PC soft, and connect using bluetooth option through your phone.
Wed7Oct at 5:40 pm
Derek wrote...
Works well with Nokia 5800 quite impressed with the program..good for using as security camera..
Mon19Oct at 5:14 pm
mslopar wrote...
l need to have it !!!ll
Thu22Oct at 2:51 pm
Shouvik wrote...
I am using Nokia5800. I am unable to connect to PC using Bluetooth. But I get Bluetooth discovery error - 25. Any solution? please share
Sat7Nov at 5:55 am
Atul wrote...
Hi, Is this software useful for k530i sony ericsson. Please confirm.
Mon14Dec at 5:18 am
Engellion wrote...
Got it working on my Nokia E71 - Works via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. For Bluetooth, make sure you choose "Bluetooth" connection on the PC application and the Mobile application. I'm running WinXP SP3. I got the "Bluetooth discovery error - 25" at first. To resovle this, I made sure both applications were set for Bluetooth connection, and the PC Smartcam application was running. I also made sure my phone was being detected as a Bluetooth Device under Windows XP SP3. I then chose "Connect" on the phone app. CONNECTION SUCCESSFUL! The FPS rate was faster under a Wi-Fi connection. Here's what I did to get that working. I closed and reopened both applications (phone and PC) and set the PC application to connect via TCP/IP (WiFi). On the phone's Smartcam application, I chose TCP/IP (WiFi). I then hit connect on the phone application. I was prompted for a Server Name. Here's the trick. Go back to your PC. Under windows, grab your current IP address (Easily done by opening a Command Prompt (Dos Box) window and typing in ipconfig. Hit enter. ipconfig will list your TCP/IP info including your IP Address - something like Whatever this number is, write it down and type that into your Smartcam phone application when it prompts you for the Server Name. If all is entered correctly, you should have a successful WiFi connection, and a fast 15 FPS video capture rate. Great application. Thanks.
Wed13Jan at 2:07 pm
Kimari wrote...
Umm . . . I have an Eternity . . . and it says it is available to my phone . . . but I can't for the life of me get it to connect to my phone. I don't know what to do about it and I want to use this so I can skype with my friends. But neither my phone NOR my computer will connect to smartcam. I just keeps saying disconnected . . . and I don't know how to connect it. Some should message me on how to do so at This would be VERY helpful towards me . . . thanks.
Mon1Feb at 2:59 pm
Shopre wrote...
People! Dont use BlueSoleil software for bluetooth connection! Use windows drivers and it is going to work 100%!!
Mon8Mar at 1:38 pm
Bhrikuti wrote...
what kind of software is this?
Wed10Mar at 10:27 am
malkeet wrote...
hi people..... I was not able to connect using BT n getin error " BT Discovery error - 25 " I tried using wifi with by wireless modem as access point and got connected... But not problem is I m getin error " Camera Error " PLs help to fix it...... Tanx
Tue16Mar at 7:49 am
Shravan Kumar T H wrote...
Will you please explain in detail for installatin on PC & Nokia 6110 navigator please?
Sun28Mar at 4:12 am
house wrote...
bluetooth discovery error -25 ...Dose any body know how to fix this error?????
Sun11Apr at 4:02 am
sampath wrote...
Mon21Jun at 1:12 pm
Nikhil wrote...
I tries out both the options using bluetooth and the wifi When I use the wifi it says could not connect -1 even ater connecting it using my ip addres of computer Using my bluetooth it does connect either saying could not connect -25 All the settings I already took care of including setting the mode to wifi and bluetooth respectively ,making both the systems visible. Still not working . Any help in this regar will be appreciated.
Sat20Nov at 7:38 am
Imran wrote...
Thank you Soooo Much....
Thu16Dec at 3:28 pm
bonance wrote...
If you got "discovery error - 25" make sure you have installed the SmartCam both in you Laptop/PC and Mobile. For computers double click .exe file to download and .sis file for symbian mobiles. After instaling to your Computer and Mobile, in your computer open the SmartCam application, Click on File, select Settings, and click Bluetooth then press OK. Don't close your SmartCam in computer, now go to your mobile and open the SmartCam, click on Options, select Connect then click Bluetooth. Search your computer's Bluetooth name by clicking More Devices then click to connect. I had the same problem in my Nokia 5800 but it's working now! Enjoy! =))
Sun19Dec at 10:27 pm
kermit wrote...
i have the same problem, cannot connect via wifi even with the right ip address. my phone is n95 8gb
Wed22Dec at 6:09 pm
kermit wrote...
my bad it is working flawlessly via wifi. make sure windows firewall setting allows smartcam.exe to be accepted.
Sun23Jan at 1:28 am
Sathees wrote...
Hi It's working properly in my Nokia N73 Handset. It's really nice. Thank you.
Sat29Jan at 5:15 am
whatever wrote...
everybody, i know how to solve bluetooth discovery error 25. |Just restart the program in pc ;)
Thu17Mar at 1:04 am
bah! wrote...
Do not work on my Nokia 5230 with bluetooth. Fed up with all those symbian craps. Next time, I will buy an Iphone.
Wed30Mar at 9:54 am
agiza2009 wrote...
hii if iam run smartcam in in nokia c5 then error in mobail bluetooth discovery error -6004
Sat13Aug at 8:39 pm
Gabriel wrote...
Mon14Nov at 11:18 am
Smarty wrote...
Guys, first open your smartcam from pc then search from the phone through bluetooth. it works very good. thanks smartcam
Mon26Dec at 3:59 pm
yamanfarooq wrote...
Tue3Jan at 8:06 am
Mustapha Hernandez wrote...
It's very important...
Tue10Jan at 7:47 am
Lacee wrote...
Great works on Nokia 5230 via bluetooth. Perfect wireles cam! Greetengs from Hungary
Thu12Jan at 10:30 am
raitei wrote...
why my phone says that the pc application is not running?? i already run the smartcam pc program??
Sat18Aug at 2:33 pm
Bobb wrote...
Does anyone know if this works with a C7-00 running Belle and if so will it work with a laptop with only wi-fi and no bluetooth. Any advice would be appreciated.
Mon24Sep at 3:55 pm
alexell wrote...
i get certif is not valid



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