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» SMS Export

Summary: Using “SMS Export”, you can export all SMS messages in your Inbox to a specified folder as a regular text file.

Symbian s60

Arrived: 2007-10-08
Found under: s60, SMS, export
Symbian SMS Export freeware

» SMS Export Description

Using “SMS Export”, you can export all SMS messages in your Inbox to a specified folder as a regular text file. This file can be sent via Bluetooth or cable to a computer/other devices for backup purposes.

the SMS Export for Symbian OS

» Comments

Tue9Oct at 12:42 am
Julius wrote...
maju terus pantang mundur
Fri14Dec at 9:19 pm
arrio wrote...
Fri21Dec at 6:19 am
anne wrote...
Wed2Jan at 11:12 am
Supa wrote...
Fri18Jan at 2:47 am
muthukumar wrote...
Fri18Jan at 1:12 pm
iffi wrote...
awesome.......very nice application it helps to those cellfones in which u cant share MMC to mobile's nokia 3230....
Tue19Feb at 9:24 am
novice wrote...
nice and good software
Sun30Mar at 1:41 pm
horia wrote...
great soft! but why does it NOT save also the outbox folder? or the drafts? that would be great!
Thu14Aug at 4:10 pm
sashi wrote...
Mon8Dec at 9:39 am
surjith wrote...
Mon22Dec at 10:52 am
Romolo wrote...
Thu28Jan at 10:27 am
Mnzr wrote...
Sat13Feb at 11:54 am
Jignesh wrote...
I want it
Thu4Mar at 3:32 pm
Bao Le wrote...
I am developing a importer for Android. I would know the exported format from this software. Could you please give me an example. Thanks
Sun15Aug at 4:31 pm
babar ali wrote...
it is wonderfull
Mon13Sep at 6:20 am
Eileen wrote...
I need to download SMS Export. I am using Son Ericsson mdl W910i hp. I was told that this software can help to retrieve my previous SMS in my hp before it got wiped out before the SE software update. I would appreciate it greatly for yor tips on how installed this great software
Tue14Dec at 7:45 am
shafaqat wrote...
Wed19Jan at 7:19 am
Michele wrote...
I think that also outbox should saved! Great app, thank you!
Wed2Mar at 11:30 am
Piet wrote...
Mon6Jun at 2:21 pm
Sat30Jul at 9:06 am
friend4u wrote...
Thu18Aug at 9:23 pm
Davion wrote...
Shoot, so that's that one suppoess.
Sat3Sep at 5:06 pm
Regun delapaz wrote...
Good software
Tue20Sep at 9:28 am
Mohamed Issa wrote...
Its great.
Mon13Feb at 7:46 am
sanjay wrote...
backup sms
Sat21Apr at 1:23 pm
Venkat wrote...
Sms export
Sat21Apr at 1:25 pm
Venkat wrote...
Wed15Aug at 4:18 am
Mujahid ali wrote...
Like it



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