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» Sms Preview

Summary: Sms Preview permits you to instantly preview incoming sms messages and see what is sent and who has sent it when the message arrives without a single click!

Symban s60

Arrived: 2010-04-16
Found under: utilities, sms, preview, s60
Symbian Sms Preview freeware

» Sms Preview Description

SMS Preview – Now you can instantly preview incoming SMS messages and see what is sent and who has sent it when the message arrives without a single click!
With Sms preview, you can save time and effort by not having to click and show your message folder for those SMS messages that are not important. No more worrying about the "New Message" notifications and wondering what it is about.
See message previews permanently on the screen until you click, or for few seconds and then it disappears.

the Sms Preview for Symbian OS

» Comments

Sun12Apr at 4:57 pm
its me wrote...
Tue14Apr at 9:26 pm
maria deswert wrote...
why this doesn't work on my nokie e71?
Wed15Apr at 9:58 am
kamal wrote...
it does not work with n70...pls help me!!! provide me a suitable software
Tue21Apr at 9:17 am
Brian Mac wrote...
Hey guys I work for Mobile Nordic the company that makes this freebie app. It should work for the E71 my colleague has it installed on her phone. Have you tried downloading it also from Nokia Mosh? It is also in the details SMS preview is currently only for Series 60 3rd edition, so no luck Kamal for your N70 sorry. Hope that helps.
Tue12May at 9:57 am
Roy Samuel wrote...
I tried already your sms preview symbian software for my Nokia e63 and I love it. But I was very disappoint when I couldn't read the sms because they came out small boxes not letters. Thank you.
Tue26May at 9:31 pm
Alvin wrote...
yeah i've got an E63 as well, and i also have the same problem that Roy Samuel faces. tbe smses come out in boxes instead of alphabets.
Thu4Jun at 6:26 pm
Ryan wrote...
I have same problem with Roy and Alvin on my nokia 6120 classic, only show the boxes instead of alphabets.
Sat13Jun at 6:00 pm
mark wrote...
works good on my e71x
Tue23Jun at 1:10 pm
deanna wrote...
mine, too it can only read numbers, but not letters, appear as boxes and it cost too much for actvating it it should be a free app, no need for activation, should be automatically activated well, the only problem is the letters...
Mon21Sep at 2:33 am
spiderpc wrote...
When I started on Nokia N82, the application asked me to send a sms. I clicked ok, the sms was sent but the application still doesn't allow me to use it. The same screen with required activation appears. Cheaters!!!
Sat7Nov at 7:08 am
Nasir Maner wrote...
Good Application
Sat7Nov at 7:09 am
Nasir Maner wrote...
Good Application
Thu1Apr at 7:28 pm
zurizamzam wrote...
its good, iam verry...verry happy...!
Wed21Apr at 7:04 am
Benny wrote...
i have to activate this product via sms? just for keep that tool actually? of course. i dont need that tool anymore. it would be cool, but ppl if you think about it, dont use it. no wonder that its for free. btw you can upgrade this tool to mobile118, that costs very much. hustler and data logger for me! they just lure you with a nice feature! be aware and dont give them your sms/handy number! stay sharp! thank you for this tool, but no thanks!
Fri11Jun at 3:23 am
jhun wrote...
Is it working with N52?
Mon28Jun at 6:39 am
Akash wrote...
Sat24Jul at 10:59 am
Juan Pablo wrote...
Aplicación muy útil, práctica y sencilla. Excelente!!!
Sun8Aug at 2:52 pm
nestor wrote...
Good application but no change of font is possible. I need bigger fonts, I cant read it!!
Sun29Aug at 6:19 am
innocent wrote...
Sat11Sep at 2:26 pm
Ak1500 wrote...
Fri17Sep at 6:19 pm
mushkaz wrote...
try advans it
Tue5Oct at 6:36 am
Mohamed Youssef wrote...
Thu7Oct at 10:42 am
Mayur wrote...
Mon25Oct at 3:11 am
Jagdip.teli wrote...
Im a busines mane
Tue26Oct at 12:30 am
Jagdishm.teli wrote...
Im a bisunes mane
Tue26Oct at 12:47 am
Jagdish wrote...
Im bisunes man.
Sat27Nov at 7:04 pm
Kola wrote...
Very nice
Sat8Jan at 9:20 am
atha wrote...
hope it can work on my n81.because,id already try downlod it.but it can't send the messeges ferivy.
Sat22Jan at 10:10 am
surio wrote...
thank u
Sat12Mar at 9:56 pm
Chindu wrote...
Tue15Mar at 9:50 pm
xoGaNNaZox wrote...
no response from server.pls try again..for the 100th times!!WHAT THE FUCK?!?!is this real or just a HOAX to cheat my bill!this app sucks!
Wed16Mar at 5:58 am
Rutvi wrote...
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Thu17Mar at 1:02 pm
bader wrote...
Wed6Apr at 9:44 am
happy wrote...
send me sms perview 4 nokia 2700 clasic
Sat25Jun at 7:38 am
adru wrote...
what is the cost for this apps? shouldn't be free?
Tue9Aug at 11:01 am
blendyz wrote...
Fri19Aug at 1:33 am
Hamza96 wrote...
Sms parview
Thu1Sep at 9:22 pm
samu wrote...
have try and c
Thu22Sep at 3:08 am
vamshivaasu wrote...
Thu22Sep at 6:30 pm
Madhu wrote...
Mon19Dec at 5:16 pm
Moges wrote...
Nokia 2700 classic
Sun8Jan at 4:49 am
Mobile Phone wrote...
Tue1May at 11:09 am
Kingsley wrote...
To download the application.
Mon21May at 5:08 am
ajay kumar wrote...
Wed6Jun at 11:15 pm
Vignesh manikandan wrote...
Cant download
Sun16Sep at 7:43 pm
praveen wrote...
Thu20Sep at 6:13 am
Mini wrote...
Thu22Nov at 5:13 pm
Mohamed wrote...
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