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» Sms2Email Lite

Summary: Sms2Email is a unique tool to connect SMS to your email box

Symbian OS

Arrived: 2008-11-27
Found under: sms, email, forward, attachments
Symbian Sms2Email Lite freeware

» Sms2Email Lite Description

Sms2Email can forward incoming SMS to an email address automatically. The software keeps monitoring incoming SMS on your phone. Once new SMS arrive, the software forwards the SMS to your email address via MMS or Email over GPRS/EDGE/3G/WIFI.

Sms2Email makes use of MMS or Email functionality of your phone to forward messages. You need to enable your MMS or Email account on your phone.

the Sms2Email Lite for Symbian OS

» Comments

Sat29Nov at 3:57 pm
Moctar Niger wrote...
It seems good. Thanks
Tue13Jan at 1:59 am
mahadarma wrote...
I've tried several times but the apps wont work. My phone is nokia 6120C. I've tried to my office email account and my yahoo, it doesn't forward any sms. When i turn it on, it keep asking to register.
Mon2Nov at 9:12 am
Arif wrote...
best for nokia
Sun27Mar at 1:25 pm
Licear wrote...
Very use full
Sat16Apr at 12:26 am
Raj kumar wrote...
Sat27Aug at 4:44 pm
Adeelsiddiqui wrote...
I like it!This is very gainfull application! So thank,s for made it.
Fri2Mar at 12:53 am
Ayush wrote...
Fri2Mar at 12:54 am
Ayush wrote...
Mon16Apr at 8:16 pm
glerrich wrote...



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