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» Snaptu

Summary: Snaptu - Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, Live score, Movie reviews, Pub reviews, RSS reader, Google Calendar, Dictionary, Journey planner... all accessible for your Symbian s60 phone!

Symbian s60 3th and 5th edition

Arrived: 2010-07-21
Found under: utilities, application, social, internet, s60, facebook, twitter, google, 3rd, 5th
Symbian Snaptu  freeware

» Snaptu Description

Snaptu is a free mobile service that offers you a selection of fun and useful applications. Now UPDATED to version 1.3.1 BETA!

* A fast and easy way to access the Internet on your phone
* Turns your existing phone into a cool Internet device

Now featuring new applications!!
* Facebook application to stay updated with your social life while on the go. Never lose touch with your friends again - get live news and status updates, browse through your friend's profiles, read and write messages and update your status.
* Live football coverage, showing real-time game results, news, commentary, favorite tournaments and teams by Score24Live.
* Dictionary, Find the meaning of words with this English to English dictionary.
* Transport for London - Tube line status and Journey Planner
* Fancyapint UK pub reviews
* Cricinfo cricket news updates and live sores
* Twitter - See your friends time line, write new twits, reply to twits, write and read direct messages
...and more!

the Snaptu for Symbian OS

» Comments

Tue24Mar at 5:12 am
Patrick Wagner wrote...
Cool foto... looks like me!
Sat4Apr at 2:50 pm
Saleem khan wrote...
Symbian software very useful thanx for symbian ltd.
Wed17Jun at 7:33 am
ahmad wrote...
why this snaptu is not working on my nokia 6120c
Sun21Jun at 6:23 am
Antony Nimal wrote...
Why this snaput not working On my nokia N95
Thu5Nov at 10:46 pm
Moniruzzaman wrote...
I like it.
Fri26Mar at 4:58 am
ukbeano wrote...
Great App with great support Twitter Client can do multiple account too.
Sat27Mar at 6:16 pm
unknown wrote...
Tue6Apr at 2:35 pm
chigeru wrote...
i luv it.
Mon19Apr at 10:24 pm
bharat wrote...
Sat22May at 11:41 am
vinay wrote...
Mon21Jun at 7:33 am
nilesh singh wrote...
Wed21Jul at 4:10 am
Leonard Adi Bestari wrote...
i must try it first
Thu22Jul at 3:06 am
vishal wrote...
Wed4Aug at 8:45 pm
catherine wrote...
This seemed easy but it locked me out of my face cool and that sucks i do not have a cons to follow directions on can you fix this i removed this app because it locked me out!
Wed4Aug at 8:46 pm
catherine wrote...
This seemed easy but it locked me out of my face Book and that sucks i do not have a computer to follow directions on can you fix this i removed this app because it locked me out!
Fri6Aug at 7:59 am
edib wrote...
gud software.
Fri3Sep at 6:57 am
Wed20Oct at 2:27 am
Kashif Asghar wrote...
free downloads
Fri22Oct at 11:30 am
invincible wrote...
Sun24Oct at 9:55 am
marcelo ramos wrote...
Sat20Nov at 8:39 am
Maaiikee wrote...
i likee...
Sun5Dec at 2:11 am
Imranj wrote...
Very authentic app.i am very thankful to u
Sun19Dec at 9:37 pm
isael wrote...
I like it
Sat25Dec at 4:30 pm
april wrote...
I want it
Wed12Jan at 6:20 pm
mehmet wrote...
Wed19Jan at 7:57 am
Jacob Ruiten wrote...
very good
Sun13Mar at 3:20 pm
frank wrote...
very good
Thu17Mar at 11:14 pm
rana wrote...
Thu14Apr at 5:48 pm
mrc0p wrote...
nice application
Thu28Apr at 1:42 pm
Alemayehu Tsegaye wrote...
I am graduate BA dgree in Acounting &I like extend MA post graduate in the same feild but I lauk of logestic eg Laptop,mobile Camera ets.
Wed11May at 5:41 am
javad wrote...
very good
Sat21May at 4:01 am
plz send to download for nikia X6
Fri3Jun at 3:22 pm
pravesh wrote...
I love this app.
Mon18Jul at 5:20 am
aaaa wrote...
Tue26Jul at 4:39 pm
snaptulover23 wrote...
Wed17Aug at 12:59 am
danial wrote...
Tue23Aug at 7:47 pm
thurayyah wrote...
Wed24Aug at 7:17 am
aqib wrote...
y its showing that we no longer distribute this app
Mon29Aug at 4:21 pm
a rahman wrote...
I thnk it will be good.....bcz i have heard it to be appreciated..
Sat3Sep at 1:42 pm
Bhupal wrote...
Its cool.
Mon5Sep at 12:57 pm
waseem wrote...
plz send snaptu
Wed7Sep at 4:02 pm
maryam wrote...
pls send me
Wed7Sep at 4:16 pm
maryam wrote...
pls send me
Thu8Sep at 2:54 am
Ar ridoy wrote...
So good...
Thu8Sep at 6:18 am
widuri wrote...
Fri9Sep at 2:05 pm
Debasis sarkar wrote...
Sun11Sep at 3:10 am
omib.dehghan wrote...
Mon19Sep at 5:23 pm
kourosh wrote...
very good
Tue20Sep at 12:53 am
mohamed wrote...
Fri23Sep at 9:26 am
saty wrote...
Sat24Sep at 8:08 am
Muralidhar wrote...
Nice apps.
Sat24Sep at 10:59 pm
ashish punia wrote...
very nice app....
Thu6Oct at 6:53 am
hayat wrote...
plz send nokia x6 download link
Mon10Oct at 3:53 pm
aiman wrote...
the snapu is good
Thu13Oct at 10:24 am
romi wrote...
good aplication
Sat5Nov at 12:11 pm
Majumder wrote...
Very nice
Sat5Nov at 12:11 pm
Majumder wrote...
Very nice
Tue29Nov at 8:06 am
dennis wrote...
Thu15Dec at 10:09 am
Darasaiwan wrote...
The best snaptu
Sun22Jan at 1:20 am
mohsen wrote...
thank guy's.very nice website.
Thu2Feb at 11:28 pm
Andi wrote...
Tue21Feb at 9:05 pm
balamurugan wrote...
good application
Fri2Mar at 10:11 pm
Sarfraaz wrote...
Very very nice application
Fri2Mar at 10:11 pm
Sarfraaz wrote...
Very very nice application
Sat17Mar at 4:43 pm
Taraq wrote...
Sat17Mar at 4:43 pm
Taraq wrote...
Fri20Apr at 3:57 am
sasan wrote...
Mon21May at 3:48 pm
Taraq wrote...
Wed30May at 12:01 pm
Zahoor wrote...
Tue5Jun at 1:11 am
larry wrote...
Sun17Jun at 1:35 pm
Amsu wrote...
Mon16Jul at 2:22 pm
Aqowemencarie wrote...
Christina:I'd love to add as much content as I can! I would be my pursalee! I know for sure I'll be developing for apps as soon as I become fluent in Maemo programming, so adding content would just be another way to contribute.On a side note, I already tested the N900 and WOW! I'll get it as soon as I can figure out what organ to donate! Honestly, as I opened the N900 box, a choir of angels appeared out of nowhere, sang the most beautiful chords and I was immediately filled with an overwhelming feeling of peace and harmony as I went from app to app and could miraculously understand the salesman fluent arab as he was trying to get me to buy said phone. What an experience!
Sun4Nov at 8:57 am
daus wrote...
good apps
Wed7Nov at 12:46 am
kingsley wrote...
good apps



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