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» Solar Charger

Summary: ...

Symbian s60 3rd or 5th edition

Arrived: 2012-07-02
Found under: Applications, Entertainment
Symbian Solar Charger freeware

» Solar Charger Description

the Solar Charger for Symbian OS

» Comments

Tue3Jul at 9:28 am
khalil wrote...
nice app
Wed4Jul at 4:49 am
Bhalchandra wrote...
Thu5Jul at 2:31 am
avijit wrote...
for test
Fri6Jul at 3:47 am
priyanka wrote...
very good
Sun8Jul at 10:17 am
ugochi wrote...
Testing first
Mon9Jul at 11:44 am
Robin21jahan wrote...
I like
Thu12Jul at 10:33 am
sudhakar salian wrote...
Thu12Jul at 12:16 pm
sikiru adeyemi wrote...
it will keep phone durable
Thu12Jul at 6:15 pm
walter wrote...
let me try it
Mon16Jul at 12:21 pm
haile melaku wrote...
oh my god! it's nice. Thankyou.
Mon16Jul at 12:23 pm
haile melaku wrote...
oh my god! it's nice. Thankyou.
Mon16Jul at 8:23 pm
Deepak wrote...
Its not real
Tue17Jul at 10:30 pm
Achub wrote...
Thank uuuuuuuuu
Tue17Jul at 10:31 pm
Achub wrote...
Thank uuuuuuuuu
Wed18Jul at 10:05 pm
vignahar kale wrote...
i am student
Thu19Jul at 12:44 pm
herald wrote...
is true? charger batery?
Sat21Jul at 1:35 am
Hamid wrote...
Sat21Jul at 4:14 am
safvan wrote...
Sun22Jul at 10:07 am
reyaz wrote...
Thu26Jul at 10:27 am
alamin wrote...
it nt workin on ma fone
Sat28Jul at 2:25 pm
nosiru iyanuoluwa wrote...
nice application
Mon30Jul at 3:49 am
tanmoy mitra wrote...
its gud
Sat4Aug at 1:06 am
mek8630 wrote...
For the folks who are slow enough to fall for this sort of thing, I would think the people who is developing the fake app, telling people to put their phone in direct sunlight, would have to buy everyone who does it a new phone....I would actually love for that to happen, just because these sort of fake apps are simply a waste of space. It's not even funny, kids use the phones too, and they most likely won't know any better. So you guys don't mind taking advantage of little kids innocence you pieces of crap. Now that I think about it I'm going to start reporting any app that I find like this, because it's just ridiculous, you people need to grow up.
Tue7Aug at 11:46 am
breezy wrote...
it's good
Tue7Aug at 3:25 pm
charles james wrote...
Thu9Aug at 9:21 pm
sanpab wrote...
i wana try
Thu16Aug at 12:30 am
Maike wrote...
heh ! poor nokia I think u should now cnahge NOKIA's Connecting People to Disconnecting everyone!! Now I really beginning to believe that NOKIA is really fully careless about their customers/developers . this is really so disappointing to see the closed source again on the basis of current market condition against the rising of a fully open source Android OS we people from all around the world would make it better like linux was if Symbian open source !!
Fri17Aug at 11:28 am
jeet sharma wrote...
i like this software
Fri17Aug at 10:11 pm
sudamasaha wrote...
Sun19Aug at 6:31 am
mahadevan wrote...
i like it
Sun19Aug at 6:34 am
mahadevan wrote...
I like it
Sun19Aug at 6:41 am
maha wrote...
Mon20Aug at 8:11 am
perez wrote...
very good download more at here
Mon20Aug at 1:46 pm
jenk wrote...
Fake.. fake
Tue21Aug at 6:30 am
maha wrote...
no good
Wed22Aug at 4:23 pm
adin wrote...
nice nice nice
Fri24Aug at 5:14 am
Jeevan wrote...
Is it use?
Sun26Aug at 7:33 am
Roach wrote...
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Fri31Aug at 3:45 am
Pankaj wrote...
Wed5Sep at 10:47 am
pdszawmin47 wrote...
very useful
Fri7Sep at 12:29 pm
kandhan wrote...
first i check
Sat8Sep at 5:48 pm
Francis werenawome wrote...
How do i download this app?
Sun16Sep at 7:03 am
klemmy wrote...
not yet
Tue18Sep at 4:36 pm
shahryar wrote...
ازارتباط باشما خوشحالم؛برای وبرای همه شماآرزوی موفقیت دارم؛به امیدآزادی انسان ازخرافات وستمگران دین فروش
Tue18Sep at 4:45 pm
merdizon wrote...
wana try
Mon1Oct at 11:38 am
Asit mishra wrote...
Solar charger download
Thu4Oct at 11:57 pm
samodibigboy wrote...
Sun7Oct at 11:57 pm
bala wrote...
nice application
Tue9Oct at 5:46 am
samuel wrote...
im happy
Wed10Oct at 8:52 pm
gilbert bariuan wrote...
very nice and useful application to us
Fri26Oct at 8:21 pm
vicky wrote...
is verx good software
Tue30Oct at 2:51 am
omganesh wrote...
very nice
Wed31Oct at 11:56 am
raje wrote...
thank u so much
Thu1Nov at 1:00 am
Myla wrote...
I saw myself gnivig some of that bad advice oops one especially, don't start a sentence with there are, and a short list of other beginnings I think lead to wordy explaining. Hope my students don't believe it a prohibition they must follow FOR LIFE.Good list; thanks for the link.[ Follow me on Twitter: ]
Wed14Nov at 4:21 am
Sartaj ahmad shah wrote...
Solar charger
Mon19Nov at 12:20 am
Abdulghani wrote...
Thu6Dec at 7:15 pm
Jaanu wrote...
Fri7Dec at 5:00 am
Raju wrote...
I like this
Sat29Dec at 11:25 pm
sidik wrote...
Sun30Dec at 3:06 am
gillestechno wrote...
please help me i can't download it.
Tue8Jan at 1:35 am
Nasiru wrote...



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