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» Spotify

Summary: Spotify Mobile - A world of music in your pocket.

Symbian s60 Spotify Premium subscribtion

Arrived: 2009-11-24
Found under: music, wireless, playlist, storage, s60
Symbian Spotify freeware

» Spotify Description

Spotify Mobile

* Stream over WiFi or 2.5/3G

* Offline playlists
Play music even without a connection, for example when riding the underground or on a plane.

* Access your Spotify account
All your playlists will be made available.

* On-the-fly sync
Add a track to a playlist and see it appear immediately on your computer and vice versa.

the Spotify for Symbian OS

» Comments

Fri26Feb at 3:30 pm
Fredrik Andersson wrote...
I love spotify
Wed28Sep at 11:04 pm
Cynthia wrote...
I love spotify because u can put n any artise and it would play what u want 2 here
Tue15Nov at 10:44 pm
everardo trejo wrote...
Sabre dance song by base
Mon21Nov at 12:06 am
daniel wrote...
Wed7Dec at 10:24 am
grace wrote...
Love it
Sat25Feb at 1:54 am
candace campbell wrote...
I love spotify just luv it says it all
Sun8Apr at 4:31 pm
Derrick Conner wrote...
Thu31May at 10:48 am
anthony wrote...
Spotify is one of the best choice for music and entertainment
Tue3Jul at 7:20 pm
jose garza wrote...
I like
Thu23Aug at 11:43 am
Victor wrote...
This should be for all phone company not just the touch sceen phones
Tue9Oct at 2:31 pm
johnny cole wrote...
Love this app
Sat3Nov at 9:55 pm
cary thomas wrote...
I enjoy listening to spotify



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