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» Start Running

Summary: StartRunning v1.00 is the Best Running Exercise App With Music Control for Symbian s60 5th edition!

Symbian s60 5th edition

Arrived: 2010-07-22
Found under: sport, run, coach, train, walk, s60, 5th
Symbian Start Running freeware

» Start Running Description

Start Running is an easy to use running coach exercise application. If you have never run before, you will be able to run for 25 minutes in 6 weeks time, if you adhere to the guidelines set out in this application. You will run 3 times a week, gradually increasing the amount of time running and less time walking. You can select music off your phone to play during the workout.

1. Select a running session from the list to view instructions for the Session.
2. Select Start when you are ready.
3. In each running session, you will alternate between walking and running.
4. You will be told when to start running and when to start walking. While you are running, you can look at the phone at any time to view a countdown of time remaining.
5. After your run, every time you use the App again the list will show that you completed this run.
6. Use the Music option to set up a music PlayList: The app will play music from your PlayList while you run.

- The Main Screen provides options to view Help, Information on the application ("About"), and a Guide to warmup and cooldown.
- Select Music on Main Screen to manage your Music PlayList.
- Select the Add Option to add a song from your phone to the Music PlayList.
- Add allows you traverse through the phone's memory to find a song and select it.
- Select Up to move a song up the Music PlayList.
- Select Down to move a song down the Music PlayList.
- Select Delete to delete a song from the Music PlayList.

Start Running will be available free for a limited period only!

the Start Running for Symbian OS

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