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» StopCall

Summary: StopCall for S60 is a free application for devices running Symbian S60 3rd edition that helps users deal with unwelcome disturbances.

Symbian OS 3rd edition

Arrived: 2008-07-28
Found under: calls, reject, phone, s60
Symbian StopCall freeware

» StopCall Description

StopCall is a freeware application written in Python letting you to filter and automatically reject unwanted phone calls. Just add someone's phone to the list and the call will be instantly rejected so that it doesn't disturb you and the caller will hear a busy tone.

the StopCall for Symbian OS

» Comments

Mon28Jul at 9:14 am
jackmm wrote...
why do you put things online which dont work????????????????????? as required I have installed Python on the Telefonmemory and tried to installe this app in the same directory but it says: required programm access not allowed, which actually could mean that this app work only with modified firmware, it would be nice if you also write this in the description to avoid killing peoples time
Mon28Jul at 12:17 pm
Jaime Silva wrote...
jackmm: They are making the effort to create some software and are giving it free to you. I think you must be a lot nicer. If you want, you can create a bug report and submit it to them so they can fix it and everyone gets the benefits.
Mon28Jul at 1:48 pm
Kummi wrote...
Good site for new softweres
Tue29Jul at 8:40 am
russell wrote...
Tue29Jul at 2:08 pm
aravind wrote...
nice softwars
Thu31Jul at 8:31 am
moazzam wrote...
Fri1Aug at 4:00 pm
Jumman wrote...
Not working.its not fair to upload any disable software.
Fri1Aug at 5:34 pm
kishore wrote...
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Sat2Aug at 3:57 pm
Magnus N wrote...
Couldn't get it to work. It seems that every piece of software that I'm trying to install, can't!?
Tue5Aug at 3:59 pm
sujon wrote...
very fine
Fri8Aug at 8:20 am
zapatero wrote...
Fri8Aug at 8:22 am
zapatero wrote...
Sat9Aug at 12:15 am
weiwei wrote...
Can not install to my N78. Please help
Sun10Aug at 2:44 pm
nani wrote...
Sun17Aug at 2:39 pm
E71Symnbian wrote...
Is there any review with screen shots?
Mon18Aug at 11:23 pm
yhhjj wrote...
useless for e series
Sun24Aug at 4:54 am
shariq wrote...
very good
Tue26Aug at 10:25 pm
yh tyu ty uuy545645 wrote...
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Wed27Aug at 10:30 am
rohit goyal wrote...
Mon1Sep at 6:16 am
Ishant wrote...
Wed3Sep at 2:19 am
alexander oey wrote...
I hv tried download the stop caller 3rd times, but finally download end & instantly my nokia 6600 v.5.53.0 cell phone screen always says the words "UNABLE TO PLAY MEDIA CLIP", so and so download failed.
Sat20Sep at 10:31 am
john michaels wrote...
Very cool looking screen shot, program doesn't work but it looks like it would be cool if it did.
Sun21Sep at 10:53 pm
mital wrote...
Sun12Oct at 8:21 am
yassin wrote...
hi thanks for free prog byby
Sat29Nov at 4:25 pm
Moctar Niger wrote...
I get it like zip document. Why not .sis or .jar?
Sat13Dec at 5:50 am
savagehp wrote...
this software need python installed in your mobile to work.
Wed16Dec at 2:43 am
thorin wrote...
I have S60 5th, in Nokia 5800. It's application run with system? I have test with Pyhton 1.9.4., and installed Phyton and StopCall on phone memor, but not run :(
Sun31Oct at 5:48 pm
Roland wrote...
not work
Sun23Jan at 6:18 am
azizul haque wrote...
let me download this.
Fri6Jan at 6:31 am
ravi wrote...



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