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» T-Mobile Hotspot-Locator Brighton (englisch) 1.2

Summary: The T-Mobile Hotspot-Locator shows every single W-LAN- Hotspot in Brighton. Search and find hotspot locations wherever you are or plan to be in Brighton. Download this software now for free.

Arrived: 2006-05-20
Found under: Travel, Holiday, City maps
Symbian T-Mobile Hotspot-Locator Brighton (englisch) 1.2 freeware

» T-Mobile Hotspot-Locator Brighton (englisch) 1.2 Description

T-Mobile Hotspot Locator

The smart2go™ T-Mobile Hotspot-Locator is much more than just a directory of all available Wireless LAN access points in the whole city area. It is a bundle of four outstanding functionalities in just one application:

  • Digital Roadmap
  • Hotspot Locator
  • Route Planner
  • Navigation System

Digital Roadmap

You can zoom and navigate through our digital maps, search for certain roads or show your current position (GPS receiver required). The map will not end at your city?s boundaries but will show some of the surrounding towns.

Hotspot Locator

The T-Mobile W-LAN offers high speed Internet near thousands of hotspots all over Europe. 100 meters around each spot you will be able to use your mobile device to surf the net. Download the T-Mobile Hotspot Locator now totally free of charge and never be offline again.

Route Planner

smart2go™ turns your Smartphone or PDA into a door to door route planning device and a powerful search engine. You can find an address or location, save any number of favourites, and send them by SMS or e-mail. When planning your journey, you can choose between viewing a description of the waypoints and running a simulation of the route. In this simulation, smart2go™ will guide you through the whole route in the map view, including voice commands. By connecting your Smartphone or PDA to a GPS receiver (not included), smart2go™ will always show your current position within the route in the Tracking mode.

Navigation System

The navigation mode of smart2go™ features the power of a professional navigation system. Simply enter your destination (either by providing an address, through your favourites or by choosing a Point Of Interest). Your smart2go™ navigation system will then lead you straight to where you want to go, in the map or arrow view, with voice commands.


Navigation System:
  • GPS navigation through Bluetooth GPS receiver (not included)
  • Map or arrow view
  • 2D or 3D navigation

Route Planner:
  • Simulation ? show your route without a GPS receiver
  • Save your frequently used addresses as favourites
  • Route planning for cars and pedestrians
  • Alternative routes
  • Several maps can be installed in parallel
  • List of waypoints

Hotspot Locator:
  • The T-Mobile Hotspot Locator offers an extensive directory of all WLAN hotspots at locations like e.g.:
  • Sports
  • Hospitals
  • Train Stations
  • Universities & Schools
  • Airports
  • Restaurants
  • Convention Centers & Fairs
  • Department Stores
  • Petrol Stations
  • Hotels
  • Cafes

City Map:
  • Zoom and scroll functions
  • Find an address through a map, the GPS position or by entering the address
  • Points Of Interest, including e.g. hospitals, train stations, parking lots, petrol stations, etc.

System requirements:
For installing the software, you need a Windows PC with card reader and an external memory card (will vary depending on the card used by your PDA or Smartphone, e.g. MMC or SC card). About 10 MB free card space required for each city. Satellite navigation requires Bluetooth and a GPS mouse.

Currently Not Available

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Fri27Jul at 9:13 am
sai434 wrote...
Fri30Jul at 6:00 pm
joel wrote...
its good for me because i want to travel anywhere



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