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» Tip Splitter

Summary: Tip Splitter helps you to calculate the tip.

Symbian s60 5th edition

Arrived: 2009-05-03
Found under: application, calculator, bill, tip, s60
Symbian Tip Splitter freeware

» Tip Splitter Description

Tip Splitter - This little application automatically determines how much each person should pay, after first calculating the tip (at 10%). Hopefully, future versions will allow you to adjust the tip amount, but for now, this one works great. Ignore the GBP symbol on there, you can use this to calculate in any currency.

the Tip Splitter for Symbian OS

» Comments

Sun9Aug at 7:27 pm
Steph wrote...
Sun23Jan at 1:20 pm
jason wrote...
Wed3Oct at 12:39 am
Dalia wrote...
What Nokia is want to do is just to save money in the short term.They will support open-source prjceot. It will work greatly on Nokia phones. So it will fly no harm done, if not they will save a nice pot of money.They can always fall back on it and modify slightly open-source to suit their needs.



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