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» Touchticker

Summary: Touchticker keeps you in touch with the mobile internet from your homescreen.

Samsung SGH G810, i560, i550, i520, i450 Nokia N-Series, E-Series, 6290, 6220, 6210, 6124, 6121, 6120, 6110, 5700, 5500, 3250

Arrived: 2008-06-24
Found under: internet, browser, rss, s60
Symbian Touchticker freeware

» Touchticker Description

Browse the internet, read you favorite feeds and other content on your phone with Touchticker.

the Touchticker for Symbian OS

» Comments

Wed25Jun at 3:31 am
ubuntuser wrote...
Hi, I think there's a problem with the download button it's Monikker application and no Touchticker...
Thu26Jun at 5:14 am
baksanir wrote...
Hi ubuntuser, thanks for the suggestion, link is fixed now
Tue1Jul at 4:22 am
Mike wrote...
Thu3Jul at 5:07 am
uuuuuu wrote...
Fri4Jul at 5:25 pm
elcaton wrote...
Can't get past Getting Content, Please Wait... Then it shuts down
Sat5Jul at 12:51 am
Jamtja wrote...
Wed9Jul at 6:34 am
Darshan wrote...
Dnt knw yet
Mon11Aug at 1:37 am
jenishkg wrote...
very good
Fri22Aug at 5:28 am
zamir wrote...
thank,s for software
Wed27Aug at 2:25 am
Cop Teaser wrote...
Looks crap on my N95/8Gb... ticker shows up pretty elevated when in portrait mode, not at bottom of screen
Wed22Oct at 12:21 pm
Prince wrote...
not working in n70 music edition
Mon3Nov at 2:39 pm
Manuel wrote...
Works very well in E71. Great app.
Fri18Sep at 9:45 am
Akile wrote...
Men !! its working pafectly well with my n73 nokia
Thu14Jan at 12:30 am
Mahadarma wrote...
Doesnt work on my 6120c.. Cant get the content..
Wed24Feb at 9:23 pm
csreddy wrote...
Sat10Jul at 11:59 am
tongji wrote...
hi!My touchticker is not working,how can i configure it,i am using nokia e71.please i need it urgently i like it
Mon9Aug at 8:56 pm
putu wrote...
good app
Sun3Oct at 10:14 pm
duncan wrote...
please i need touchtiker for my phone mode:T Mobile dash please help me.
Thu14Oct at 8:23 am
Thomas Abeeikya wrote...
I will like to take permision on symbian to help me downroad touchticker on my phone nokia n93 thank you.
Thu16Dec at 11:29 pm
albert imohowo wrote...
great site!
Sun2Jan at 7:04 am
shola omo wrote...
Sat15Jan at 8:04 pm
Surllivan wrote...
It isn't working on my nokia N70.Pls i need ur help
Tue10May at 12:16 pm
Kingsley wrote...
Sat2Jul at 4:43 pm
osain wrote...
its superb
Fri22Jul at 8:52 am
onyedikajah wrote...
i like touchticker
Fri12Aug at 1:28 pm
Benji wrote...
Hi,touchticker is not working on my E5
Wed31Aug at 12:37 pm
john konuel wrote...
i want to have the touchticker experience
Fri2Sep at 7:32 am
Iheme wrote...
No opinion
Tue13Sep at 12:51 pm
Ebere wrote...
Cnn News
Mon14Nov at 12:58 pm
samuel wrote...
It wil be a better one
Sat19Nov at 5:50 pm
brian wrote...
Hi I nid tt on ma blackberry pls help
Sat14Jan at 6:49 am
muhammad wrote...
Thu26Jan at 6:35 pm
Mykin wrote...
Seriously will love to know how to download dis tt on my 5800xpress music. D one i downloaded is not touch screened. Help.....
Thu2Feb at 10:54 am
SlimJoe wrote...
No content in mine hw can i go abt it........plz help coz i luv dis app
Fri9Mar at 5:07 pm
emmizy wrote...
Sat20Oct at 1:59 pm
alabede kabiru wrote...
hi,i have nokia e5 i cant download touchticker in to it how do i do it
Fri23Nov at 11:00 am
Vikas yadav wrote...



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