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» UC Thunder

Summary: UCThunder v 1.06 - download manager for S60 3rd devices by UCWeb developers. UCThunder supports download from HTTP, FTP, and BT. Associated with UCWeb 7.0 browser, supports resuming and many many more.

Symbian s60 3th edition Associated with UCWeb 7.0 browser

Arrived: 2010-01-10
Found under: browser, download, search, wireless, task, management, s60
Symbian UC Thunder freeware

» UC Thunder Description

Key Features:

● Support for mobile GPRS, EDGE, 3G, WiFi access points for download.
● Available from URL input [HTTP, FTP, Thunder address (thunder://), Express Address (flashget://)] download function.
● Support open local paper bt seed to download.
● Default provision of the software, film, music, games, themes and other recommended download.
● Available for download resources, search functionality, including music, software, themes and other resources search.
● Available for download and download capabilities of task management functions.
● Client supports background downloading and accompanied by front suspension box displays progress.
● Suspended box a custom location.
● Bluetooth function for downloaded file sharing capabilities.
● Support for UC Browser 7.0 final version of each call.
● Support and associated with UC Browser 7.0 final version download, currently supports BT/FTP/Thunder/Express resources related downloads.
● Support association with default phone browser to download, currently supports for HTTP protocol to download related resources.

What's new:

● Limits on BT downloads (500 Mb).
● Added option Copy/Paste URL.
● Optimized and improved UI (pop-up windows, etc.).
● Improved stability in the download process.
● Added seach history (keyword search).


● UC browsers only support the official version 7.0 and later versions used in conjunction with the association.
● Please download and install UC Browser 7.0 final version, use the Thunder and the association between UC capabilities.

the UC Thunder for Symbian OS

» Comments

Sun10Jan at 7:12 pm
etya wrote...
link to private forum!
Mon11Jan at 4:59 pm
Relintang wrote...
Thanks,apps its very good!
Mon11Jan at 8:02 pm
Djaiswal8 wrote...
Very good
Thu21Jan at 6:20 am
Praveen wrote...
Its good
Tue26Jan at 9:05 am
BLKSHRK wrote...
does it support english language, or just chinese only?
Tue2Feb at 5:46 am
Mudasir wrote...
Very good uc
Tue2Feb at 5:58 am
Ranaaakash wrote...
Very good
Wed3Mar at 5:32 am
sudalaimuthu wrote...
Hello sir, I am using nokia E63 mobile . I installed ucweb browser. I want to install Uc thunder. Kindly help me . I need english version.
Sat13Mar at 4:41 pm
nohanohan wrote...
Sun14Mar at 4:21 am
Srini wrote...
Is gooooooood
Tue23Mar at 5:52 am
erwin wrote...
is a great browser
Fri26Mar at 7:28 am
Ashish wrote...
This is booe thing
Wed7Apr at 3:09 pm
Gorky wrote...
Sun18Apr at 9:09 am
bahador wrote...
thank you
Mon3May at 4:47 am
deanmccall wrote...
Thu10Jun at 10:59 pm
Romeo1231 wrote...
Good but difficult to understand liked it more if supported english language
Sun27Jun at 5:28 pm
Blue wrote...
Sat3Jul at 8:31 am
Rajesh wrote...
It's very nice then the uc browser
Mon12Jul at 2:16 pm
sivakumar wrote...
Fri6Aug at 2:44 am
rohit wrote...
hi this is god member and god the so that know we
Sat2Oct at 3:33 pm
cengiz wrote...
Çok şerefsiz bir site burası
Sun3Oct at 12:23 pm
himanshu wrote...
let see
Wed6Oct at 3:52 am
Sanjay wrote...
Mon25Oct at 3:06 am
Michael wrote...
It is very useful to us.
Fri26Nov at 10:02 pm
Selva wrote...
Thu16Dec at 11:14 am
misbah uddin wrote...
i need it. Becose it is very useful us.
Wed2Feb at 6:11 am
Avinash wrote...
Thu17Mar at 8:31 pm
poyeks gensaya wrote...
i love uc thunder
Sun20Mar at 7:15 pm
Yukoeng wrote...
Thu31Mar at 4:09 pm
bahador wrote...
Sun3Apr at 6:12 am
Praveen wrote...
Sat23Apr at 5:46 am
Nivinrohin wrote...
Nice software
Tue17May at 1:35 pm
jamy wrote...
Tue24May at 6:49 am
haj amir wrote...
uc thunder
Sun17Jul at 8:15 am
akash wrote...
Mon8Aug at 1:21 pm
Hunny wrote...
I want uc thunder in english for s60v2 plz help me send me mail for suggesting plz (*_*) thanks
Wed10Aug at 4:41 am
Muku wrote...
Sun14Aug at 11:30 am
Kirit.gohil2 wrote...
Wed31Aug at 1:23 pm
eliasmahmud wrote...
my life is uc thunder
Sun4Sep at 5:38 am
Mihir wrote...
Wed7Sep at 2:09 am
shemul wrote...
i luv this kind of soft
Wed28Sep at 9:56 am
Sinyo aja wrote...
Uc thander
Wed26Oct at 3:20 pm
Shikhu wrote...
Its good
Thu10Nov at 9:08 am
Riyaz wrote...
Downloa uc thunde
Tue3Jan at 11:58 am
Brijesh umraniya wrote...
Fri27Apr at 2:25 pm
gean wrote...
Sat30Jun at 1:55 am
Firman wrote...
I like
Mon23Jul at 1:07 am
khalil ahmed wrote...
download problim
Sun5Aug at 7:23 am
gopalakrishnan wrote...



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