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» ''Universal'' Tracker Skins: FREE Icon Settings Pack

Summary: ''Universal'' Tracker Skins: Icon settings pack to get new Universal skin users up and running quickly

Arrived: 2004-03-24
Found under: universal, tracker, skins, free, icon, settings, pack
Symbian ''Universal'' Tracker Skins: FREE Icon Settings Pack freeware

» ''Universal'' Tracker Skins: FREE Icon Settings Pack Description

Universal Skin: Icon Settings Pack

This FREE icon settings pack sets your Universal skin icons in an instant.

New Universal skin users can immediately get common applications icons onto their skin just by installing this free download. You can still add or remove icons as you wish.

To install these settings just open the download file on your phone, or via your PC when your phone is connected. During the installation you are asked where you want to install the icon settings to - make sure you choose the drive that you installed Tracker to!. If you install to the wrong drive just run the installation again and choose the correct drive.

Page 1 - Apps
- Messages
- Contacts
- Calendar
- Tasks
- Phone
- Handy Safe
- Handy Databank
- Handy Expense
- Calculator
- Jotter
- Quick Word
- Quick Sheet
- NotePadder
- Opera
- Internet
- Tube
- Traffic-i

Page 2 - Media
- CommuniCam
- Pictures
- Videos
- Audio
- UnrealPlayer
- OrangeScribble
- SMS Scheduler
- MobiPocket Reader

Page 3 - Tools
- FileMan
- File Manager
- FileSearchPro
- Freeware Zipper
- TaskMan
- Control Panel
- AutoStart
- GPRS Data Log
- FTP800
- Remote P900
- Remote Sync

Page 4 - Games
- Solitaire
- Chess
- Metal Bluster
- Sokoban

Important Notes:
- This is not a collection of replacement Icons or applications. This pack simply configures your Universal skin settings in Tracker with links to the listed applications
- These icon settings will not work with non-Universal skins
- Universal skin users who have already setup their icons can still use this free add-on, but it will overwrite your icon settings with the defaults contained in this pack!
- If you un-install this pack it will remove your Universal skin icon settings from the phone, so make sure you back them up first!

NEW Multipack of Universal skins. Buy 5 skins that all share these icon settings for only $10 Click here for the multipack

the ''Universal'' Tracker Skins: FREE Icon Settings Pack for Symbian OS

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mohamed wrote...
motorola a925
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jhon wrote...
hope this works..thanks
Tue11Mar at 12:43 pm
rohan wrote...
very nice
Sun13Apr at 7:52 am
yudi wrote...
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hanko wrote...
gonna try this
Mon7Jul at 1:17 pm
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Sun1Feb at 11:51 am
shikatelbanat wrote...
very nice and i like to meet many friends
Mon16Jul at 4:52 am
Guru wrote...
I know that Android have a complete gglooe features, and it might be useful for gglooe user who always mobile, but I dont think they can compete with nokia or sony, at least not in a short term period.
Sat24Nov at 7:17 am
Muslih wrote...
Tue4Dec at 3:24 am
Marchell wrote...
Normally I don\'t browse blogs, but evtieyhrng posted here is amazing! thanks for this link, I don\'t think I would have found it otherwise. It\'s great for a non-graphic designer trying to play around.



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