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» UpCode

Summary: UpCode is barcode reader for Symbian s60 3rd or 5th edition mobile phones

Symbian S60 3rd or 5th edition

Arrived: 2010-07-14
Found under: barcode, reader, utilities, smartcode, qr code, matrix, 2D
Symbian UpCode freeware

» UpCode Description

Updated to v4.08.0!

UpCode includes an optical reader that uses mobile phones/devices to add any electronic information or system to printed products and to electronic information on screens. The barcode (2D data matrix, QR-code, 1D barcode or color code) or other type of tag (picture, OCR) gives mobile phone users multiple access and interaction, for an example but not only to internet content simply by pointing their phone at a code. Complete integration of localization, personalization, objects and other data.

Using the UpCode program:

* Open the program from the menu.
* Make sure that nothing is covering the camera.
* Point the camera at the UpCode code, until the program automatically takes a picture of the code.
* If an empty field is opened instead of the camera type in the number of the code and choose "go". (This means that your phone has no camera or the manufacturer has not provided any camera access for the model in question)
* If the mobile asks for connection answer yes or choose an access point.
* When scanning the code you can zoom in on the code by using the arrow keys; up and down
* From the program menu you can adjust also ROI size, contrast and brightness.

UpCode is barcode reader for Symbian OS phones UpCode is barcode reader for Symbian OS phones

the UpCode for Symbian OS

» Comments

Thu5Mar at 10:19 am
Claus wrote...
On my SE P1i the camera focuses the barcode but does not make a picture automatically. Are there problems with SE P1i?
Mon13Apr at 7:08 am
Mark Hendriksen wrote...
About UpCode + FREE application download htp://
Wed11Nov at 2:58 am
Aang wrote...
Ok good
Sun18Jul at 10:37 pm
ehab wrote...
thax alot
Sat31Jul at 6:16 am
asdd wrote...
dfgh ergj th
Tue3Aug at 12:43 pm
11111 wrote...
Tue7Sep at 2:09 pm
dhiraj wrote...
works awesome...! too good loved it
Sun3Oct at 3:10 am
noman yunus wrote...
very good
Fri5Nov at 5:22 am
ghjuy wrote...
Mon29Nov at 2:55 pm
Mini_Gangster wrote...
Don't work on Satio... :(
Mon29Nov at 11:53 pm
tanjayasri wrote...
Mon16May at 9:34 am
dimitar wrote...
I just want to try it.
Sat3Sep at 8:12 am
bayram wrote...
Tue4Oct at 7:31 am
senolyilmaz wrote...
Sun8Jan at 4:52 am
Gracye wrote...
This isinght's just the way to kick life into this debate.
Mon9Jan at 9:05 am
danny wrote...
Mon16Jan at 2:02 pm
Bart Theunis wrote...
Fri3Feb at 4:54 am
vicky wrote...
very good
Thu31May at 12:46 am
aina azeez wrote...
Mon2Jul at 1:12 am
krish wrote...
i like



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