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» uTalk

Summary: uTalk is a universal network communication chat center with file transfer ability, location service and much more to explore!

Symbian s60 3rd or 5th edition

Arrived: 2010-04-15
Found under: message, multimedia, voice, chat, facebook, windows live messenger, google talk, yahoo, aim, s60, 3rd, 5th
Symbian uTalk freeware

» uTalk Description

uTalk is a unique service for instant messaging! uTalk allow you to send text, voice or multimedia messages even when you're not at home and cannot be near your computer. uTalk combines the most popular chat clients (ICQ, iChat, AIM, Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger, Gadu Gadu, Jabber, Facebook, Windows Live Messenger) and allows you to use them simultaneously!

the uTalk for Symbian OS

» Comments

Mon19Apr at 6:01 am
SiNR wrote...
looks like Palringo rip off o.o
Sat24Apr at 8:43 pm
~samantha~les wrote...
i love chat
Mon26Apr at 5:58 am
Amresh wrote...
Its good
Sat8May at 1:14 pm
Janaka wrote...
Wed12May at 7:47 pm
fawaz wrote...
Sat26Jun at 11:07 pm
ravankumar wrote...
nice software
Thu15Jul at 11:04 am
amerah wrote...
Mon9Aug at 3:44 am
bappy_noor wrote...
good for us.
Sun29Aug at 3:22 am
mr Tinh wrote...
very useful
Fri8Oct at 12:53 pm
digit wrote...
Tue12Oct at 12:28 pm
vivek wrote...
i just download it
Sun17Oct at 1:06 pm
not downloading wrote...
doesnt work
Mon1Nov at 6:37 am
Jigz lee wrote...
.im trying to download it is so exciting.
Thu18Nov at 7:47 am
shaksman wrote...
its nice and interesting application
Fri19Nov at 3:27 pm
bablu wrote...
Fri19Nov at 3:28 pm
bablu wrote...
Fri19Nov at 3:35 pm
bablu wrote...
Wed24Nov at 2:56 pm
migu3l_on wrote...
it have windowds plataform??
Sat1Jan at 1:10 pm
munna wrote...
Sat5Feb at 3:57 am
gerace delos reyes wrote...
hard to download
Tue22Feb at 9:25 pm
srikanta sahoo wrote...
it's a best application
Thu24Feb at 8:43 am
cruzattj wrote...
its ok
Thu24Feb at 8:58 am
cruzattj wrote...
its ok
Wed9Mar at 10:06 pm
Azam wrote...
Fri11Mar at 5:44 am
creslb wrote...
Wed16Mar at 1:03 am
thantswe wrote...
Mon21Mar at 12:51 pm
marie wrote...
Fri25Mar at 12:20 am
Tweetytobias wrote...
Was able to create a group about 3 months ago but just went to make a new one and it won't let me create one of any name and they don't already exist. All I get is an option to see the features for all the usable devises...... How do I create a new group now!!
Fri1Apr at 12:04 am
muhammad Khan wrote...
let me test
Fri8Apr at 3:39 am
uTalkhelp wrote...
Go for new version uTalk :)
Mon11Apr at 5:34 am
Likely wrote...
Watch youtube channel uTalkvideo for fun :)
Fri15Apr at 12:51 am
iqbalft wrote...
I just like this.
Sat16Apr at 6:27 pm
pita wrote...
im new hope to find new friends here
Fri22Apr at 4:23 pm
peter wrote...
Sun24Apr at 3:01 am
saipul wrote...
get download
Wed27Apr at 5:44 am
masirin wrote...
i like this
Fri17Jun at 5:00 am
mylene bautista wrote...
i like this
Mon18Jul at 2:43 am
MOMO wrote...
Mon18Jul at 2:44 am
MOMO wrote...
Mon18Jul at 2:44 am
MOMO wrote...
Mon18Jul at 2:47 am
MOMO wrote...
Thu21Jul at 4:32 am
amer111 wrote...
Mon12Sep at 3:59 pm
seanmicheal101 wrote...
very nice
Mon12Sep at 4:27 pm
seanmicheal101 wrote...
very nice
Mon26Sep at 2:57 am
Stan wrote...
How to make your group most popular -
Fri7Oct at 4:10 pm
Nyba wrote...
Hi & by
Fri21Oct at 8:32 am
uTalk Support wrote...
You can download new version uTalk for Symbian on
Tue1Nov at 5:58 pm
vikas wrote...
agood feedback for the app
Wed30Nov at 6:39 am
Zonk_Online wrote...
Thu1Dec at 9:21 pm
lover boy wrote...
im hussain frm iran 25 age n im single
Sat28Jan at 2:07 am
hassanpsr wrote...
nice for all thankyou
Wed21Mar at 6:23 am
Rahul wrote...
Tue12Jun at 11:26 am
Ajith wrote...
Tue12Jun at 11:27 am
Ajith wrote...
Thu5Jul at 12:11 pm
Suresh wrote...
Let see
Wed26Sep at 3:48 pm
elfried wrote...
its ok



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