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Summary: This is a Full screen Camera app made by Python.

* Symbian S60
* Python

Arrived: 2008-05-19
Found under: camera, shoot, pictures, images, s60
Symbian View Finder freeware

» View Finder Description

Very nice camera application for Symbian S60 phones which infact takes greater pictures that the default camera app.

To use it you need to have Python installed. The unzip the file and copy to Python's directory, then start and enjoy it.

the View Finder for Symbian OS

» Comments

Tue20May at 6:57 am
maddy82 wrote...
View finder
Sat24May at 10:15 am
Jangkrik wrote...
Quite good for a dachsund snippet. However it takes some time before a taken pic is saved. Python rocks!
Thu29May at 1:32 am
krsk wrote...
usefull application
Thu29May at 9:40 pm
jupnizar wrote...
Thu29May at 9:41 pm
jupnizar wrote...
Fri30May at 11:28 pm
ETCWL wrote...
It is very funny
Sat31May at 8:27 pm
Angga wrote...
It is very good
Mon13Oct at 4:26 am
Matthew J H Yates wrote...
I can't get the application to install on a Nokia N73. I'm running Python 1.4.4,and as I couldn't find a "Python Directory",Ive tried copying the file to where all the other .py files are, ie the Resource directory on C. Any help?
Mon8Dec at 9:56 pm
s.sabapathee wrote...
i've install Python on nokia n70 but i couldn't find Python directory.please help!!!!!
Mon15Dec at 12:36 pm
faruk wrote...
Nice soft
Mon15Dec at 1:22 pm
faruk wrote...
I have installed python 1.4.5 on my nokia N70. And get view finder but I couldnot find python directory. can u help me pls?
Mon15Feb at 8:49 am
sudalaimuthu wrote...
I want to install view finder into my nokia E63 . But I unable to install it into my mobile . So kindly help me. Thanking you!
Tue1Mar at 11:18 am
sushilgupta wrote...
Mon16May at 9:39 pm
Satheeskumar wrote...
It's best soft
Thu19Jan at 4:17 am
Milan shrestha wrote...
It is realy good



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