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» WeFi

Summary: WeFi is software loaded onto your mobile device which enhances your existing WiFi management software with a more powerful connection tool.

Symbian OS

Arrived: 2010-07-30
Found under: wireless, wifi, internet, connection, utilities, wef
Symbian WeFi freeware

» WeFi Description

Updated to v1.10.14!

WeFi is software loaded onto your mobile device which enhances your existing WiFi management software with a more powerful connection tool. The WeFi software automatically detects and qualifies all WiFi access points within range and connects you to the spot with the best Internet connection. If the WeFi software detects a new access point, it allows you to be the first to map it. WeFi also provides you with Instant Messaging tools, Allowing you to create a buddy list, and to see where your friends are currently connected.

WLan Scanner

- Verified internet access
- Automatic connection to the best spot
- A comprehensive backend system that uses Wi-Fi data gathered by the entire
- Facebook,Qik,
- Constant checks of your surroundings to provide you the best Wi-Fi on demand

the WeFi for Symbian OS

» Comments

Wed21Jan at 9:11 am
Thomas wrote...
Does not install on UIQ
Sat28Feb at 7:56 am
Kahar D Mustain wrote...
I use Nokia 3230 please notify to what I can used wifi software
Wed4Mar at 9:07 am
ALBIN wrote...
wow! How nice.
Thu5Mar at 6:26 am
subhashrawat wrote...
Super Exellent site
Sun8Mar at 10:45 am
sandman wrote...
Runs very good on Nokia E71
Thu2Apr at 10:25 pm
Mahummad Nawaz wrote...
it is good software
Mon4May at 5:22 am
allen uriarte wrote...
I ask anyone who knows, is this software can install to SE G700. I need reply,thanks.
Mon11May at 3:46 pm
riad wrote...
does not work on nokia n72
Fri22May at 7:58 pm
Dishan wrote...
It doesnt stay connected. Not what i wanted.
Sun7Jun at 10:04 pm
Rian wrote...
not install to nokia 3230?Why!
Sun21Jun at 11:52 pm
Taofik from Indonesia wrote...
Nice Info, I will try it at Nokia N80
Sun28Jun at 11:59 pm
Domineering wrote...
Can some one help me find a wefi that works on Samsung G810 plsss :(
Tue4Aug at 4:19 am
Nans dox wrote...
What is "file corrupted" mean?Installation was finish,but can not to save it. Please notify to my nokia 3230. Hope Reply..
Sat12Sep at 2:16 pm
Uday das wrote...
Tue1Dec at 6:47 am
Diego wrote...
I have a Nokia E75 and all the versions that have installed of Wefi they don't work!! What a shame!! How can I do??
Sat2Jan at 3:17 am
Sameer wrote...
Not installed on N70 what can i do now?
Thu18Feb at 5:10 am
mandala wrote...
Tue2Mar at 12:07 pm
sunil wrote...
Wed17Mar at 9:08 am
boobackerz wrote...
nice website
Sat24Apr at 5:53 pm
AHMED wrote...
Mon19Jul at 10:43 am
abdussamad wrote...
veryyyyy.... Nice.,,.,, its okay
Sat31Jul at 10:51 pm
irfan khatri wrote...
Sun1Aug at 11:59 am
gaurav wrote...
hey hi i nv a nokia 5233 im downloading yet. Is wi-fi need a hardware to work or it just need a software ? Which is use blootuth connectivity ?
Sun1Aug at 1:00 pm
bomatary wrote...
Sat7Aug at 9:16 am
ibrahim saragih turnip wrote...
very good
Mon16Aug at 12:44 am
BABU wrote...
Fri20Aug at 5:15 pm
Aisahg wrote...
It really help
Fri24Sep at 10:25 am
jkur wrote...
good site
Sun26Sep at 6:29 pm
safdar wrote...
is it completable for nokia 5233
Mon27Sep at 8:34 am
abedawn wrote...
i have a nokia6120c and the all version that have installed of wevi they don,t work what a shame how can i do
Tue19Oct at 1:05 pm
arun wrote...
does not install on nokia 5230
Fri22Oct at 11:37 am
invincible wrote...
Sun24Oct at 10:12 am
marcelo ramos wrote...
very good
Fri18Feb at 7:54 am
mike wrote...
Tue1Mar at 12:12 pm
tony wrote...
dose not work on nokia n8
Tue8Mar at 3:04 am
pavan wrote...
standart for symbian mobaile i happy to your softwere
Thu7Apr at 9:46 am
kanishka wrote...
Fri3Jun at 1:23 am
halida wrote...
can this software us for 5233?? please answer ok! :)
Sun19Jun at 2:26 am
ravindra wrote...
Fri29Jul at 5:34 am
shahin wrote...
Fri5Aug at 5:56 am
AJAY wrote...
Mon15Aug at 2:33 am
Victor benibo wrote...
I liked it hav whiched for it every time
Mon28Nov at 3:34 am
Ssantosh wrote...
not open apps in my nokia C5.00
Sat21Jan at 8:21 am
abdul707 wrote...
wi fi softwere
Wed25Jan at 3:05 pm
Naseer wrote...
Sat10Mar at 1:02 am
Mehboob wrote...
My nokia 52233 not support what i can do device wifi software
Thu5Apr at 10:51 am
Sanket wrote...
How to download a wi fi application for n72
Thu5Apr at 10:51 am
Sanket wrote...
How to download a wi fi application for n72
Sun8Apr at 12:40 pm
Asror wrote...
Mon7May at 6:17 am
Shoeb wrote...
can it work on NOKIA 5233.
Wed6Jun at 10:57 am
Boedax wrote...
You cannot utdelene' a tape the same way you can with a hard drive as it works in a very different way. You've had it, I'm afraid. And if you could it certainly wouldn't be free'.
Sun1Jul at 7:57 am
mrinmoy wrote...
hi i m mrinmoy nath from katlichrtta dist-hailakandi
Sun1Jul at 8:00 am
tumon wrote...
my mobile phone nokia 5233 wifi is not's sopot
Mon2Jul at 11:32 pm
gurjinder wrote...
Mon2Jul at 11:33 pm
gurjinder wrote...
it can not work
Sat7Jul at 9:02 pm
Hmmm wrote...
Good a
Thu9Aug at 2:12 pm
bwah wrote...
l went it this
Fri7Sep at 5:55 am
muhammad sajid wrote...
sir my cell phone is qmobile e990 is install wefi aplication so pleas sujes
Wed26Sep at 8:06 pm
jorge piriyu wrote...
xq no puedo descargar esta aplicacion sí mi teléfono es compatible
Wed12Dec at 4:59 am
Ihsankhan wrote...
ihsan Ali Bampokha
Wed19Dec at 6:57 am
Janak wrote...



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