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» WhatsApp S40 Messenger

Summary: WhatsApp Messenger is a smartphone messenger available for Nokia, iPhone, Blackberry, and Android phones. WhatsApp uses your 3G or WiFi (when

Symbian s60 3rd or 5th edition

Arrived: 2011-09-26
Found under: Applications, Social networks
Symbian WhatsApp S40 Messenger freeware

» WhatsApp S40 Messenger Description

WhatsApp Messenger is a smartphone messenger available for Nokia, iPhone, Blackberry, and Android phones. WhatsApp uses your 3G or WiFi (when available) to message with friends and family. Switch from SMS to WhatsApp to send and receive messages at no cost. Free for the first year!

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the WhatsApp S40 Messenger for Symbian OS

» Comments

Mon26Sep at 8:07 pm
erick wrote...
Tue27Sep at 1:05 pm
jubin wrote...
Tue27Sep at 7:06 pm
Mustapha wrote...
WhatsApp is a nice app and i and unbehalf of all my friends,we realy like it but please some us will like to have it for sisx bt is nt available on the net.
Wed28Sep at 5:07 am
Bhaskar wrote...
Fri30Sep at 3:31 am
hayan lotfi wrote...
life is life
Fri30Sep at 5:22 pm
freitaucher010377 wrote...
hello again
Mon3Oct at 9:07 am
Anna wrote...
Wed5Oct at 2:50 pm
Ojekunle wrote...
Vry nce 2 me"
Sat22Oct at 2:49 am
salim wrote...
not able to download on my sonny ericcson phone.
Sun23Oct at 6:15 pm
Issy wrote...
Always the best cotennt from these prodigious writers.
Tue25Oct at 8:52 pm
Etta wrote...
Superior tnhkiing demonstrated above. Thanks!
Thu29Dec at 11:34 am
sunshyn wrote...
every 1 is beautiful
Sun22Jan at 12:13 am
Deepak wrote...
Nokia x2
Sat4Feb at 10:44 pm
j@ker wrote...
thank you
Thu9Feb at 11:47 am
Aniagolu Blessing wrote...
Sat25Feb at 7:58 pm
sltan wrote...
Sat3Mar at 3:47 pm
Shianne wrote...
Sun4Mar at 11:05 am
nokwazi wrote...
whatsapp is verry gud
Sun4Mar at 11:06 am
nokwazi wrote...
whatsapp is verry gud
Sat4Aug at 11:22 am
chinwendu wrote...
To share message with my friends,and no cost is attached to it.
Sun11Nov at 10:44 pm
dayocharles wrote...
i like it and i need it
Tue1Jan at 7:15 am
sandile wrote...
cn u send me link to download whatsapp in my Asha 203 Nokia
Sun6Jan at 1:57 am
faisal wrote...
thankyou for help
Tue15Jan at 12:16 am
satish wrote...
Plsssss help me download specific nd supportd whatsapp software for NOKIA ASHA 200.



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