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» Wordbook US ZIP-City

Summary: Free lookup-table fior US-ZIP-codes

Arrived: 2003-08-05
Found under: wordbook, zip-city
Symbian Wordbook US ZIP-City freeware

» Wordbook US ZIP-City Description

Free lookup-table fior US-ZIP-codes. Requires Gicom Wordbook.

the Wordbook US ZIP-City for Symbian OS

» Comments

Sun30Sep at 9:47 pm
Halina wrote...
Hi I have 1 question.Can JaxtrSMS? be used to rceieve free SMS from non JaxtrSMS users.In other words, I know that sending SMS through JaxtrSMS to JaxtrSMS users or non JaxtrSMS users is free.Will the opposite (receiving) be free too?thank you



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