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» World Cup News

Summary: World Cup News v1.0 delivers you the latest news of the World Football Champion Cup 2010!

Symbian s60 5th edition

Arrived: 2010-06-15
Found under: football, soccer, world cup, south africa, championship, news, feed, rss, s60, 5th
Symbian World Cup News freeware

» World Cup News Description

World Cup News v1.0 delivers you the latest news of the World Football Champion Cup 2010! The application is a kind of multiple RSS feeds from various major sports websites (like FIFA). You can leave it running on background - it will notify you for each event (bip or vibrate). You can even chose where the data will be stored, and the frequency of the feed refreshment (every 3min to every 6hours).

the World Cup News for Symbian OS

» Comments

Tue15Jun at 7:10 am
serai wrote...
for s6o v3 please......i really want it..
Sat19Jun at 9:25 am
Hilmar Marøy wrote...
Wed4Aug at 10:39 am
daaslot wrote...
Mon16Jul at 8:33 am
Maraz wrote...
Well look at the statistics, Nokia fall and fall in the sromtphanes market, look at the stock it fall and fall, something must be done Sure, something must be done. But not without thinking first. Where's the analysis of the decision ? I am sure Microsoft has been buying into this decision, as reported plenty elsewhere. In fact it pretty much looks like it was a buyout, without actually having to buy the company because Microsoft owns the CEO and management. and Nokia do the best, they selected wp7, which will be high integrated with windows 8 (next year) and the office and sharepoint platform. That's cool, an operating system controlled by a single vendor that still has to prove its relevance in the market. You know that if you're loosing marketshare, a bad decision can cause you to loose marketshare even faster, right ? Symbian, Meego, Android and Iphone will not could be competive with this facts. Not sure what that means, but Symbian, Android and Iphone did much better than wp7 has done up to now. See the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace stastics, it have rised near 40 procent the last month, Android was 11 months to reach 10000 Apps, wp7 was 4 1/2 months Nice statistics you have there. How is WP7 uptake going ? Because number of apps is only one part of the equation, and less important than quality of apps, battery time, features, integration with operating systems and online services, cost of online services, etc the fact is Windows Phone 7 Marketplace will be larger than Blackberry app world market in July 2011, and Windows Phone 7 Marketplace will be larger than Ovi market in october 2011. Cool, and are you comparing WP7 marketplace at those dates with Blackberry today, or do you also predict the growth of something out of your control ? Because I can see Ovi demise, that's pretty much a done deal now.How about comparing with any real competition, like Android and Iphone ? Or is that too hard, or too unbelievable ? Thats the facts, it is not only OS, it’s acting also about, markets and integration with PC OS. Right, Microsoft integration will be superb. Hotmail, Bing, Zune, Kinect. I can see the $$$ already (for Microsoft).Not sure if you work for Nokia, but better arguments are needed when you are in the spotlight.
Sun28Oct at 6:26 am
Aashu wrote...
I would totally buy an app that I could take pics of girls on seertt, rate and share with friends so they can also rate.Way to waste a billion dollar idea on a joke.



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