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» Xpress Sketch

Summary: Xpress Sketch isn’t a simple drawing application but a powerful drawing tool created in python.

Symbian s60 5th edition Python 1.9.7

Arrived: 2009-12-02
Found under: editor, sketch, drawing, paint, color, tools, s60
Symbian Xpress Sketch freeware

» Xpress Sketch Description

Xpress Sketch V0.20 for Touch Screen Devices features:

* Faster and smoother drawing.
* More than 50 thousand colors. Do not hesitate, what color to choose, use the convenient palette of colors.
* 8 tools (list will be expanded in future versions)
* In pencil, there are 8 different brushes (work tool “brush” in the next versions will be improved, you will be transparency)
* Easily zoom, easy and rapid movement of the canvas.
* Ability to save images in formats jpg and png, open any image, create a new canvas with arbitrary dimensions.

This application requires Python so make sure you have Python installed in order to run XpressSketch. Best would be, if you install both, Python and XpressSketch, on the C-drive.

the Xpress Sketch for Symbian OS

» Comments

Mon7Dec at 7:55 am
preecha wrote...
Mon14Dec at 12:30 am
santosh wrote...
Sun27Dec at 10:22 pm
Hepl wrote...
I have installed python still saying... "update is mandatory for installing python runtime" :( ..
Sat2Jan at 5:01 am
R Sundaram wrote...
A great application
Sun10Jan at 3:39 pm
meister wrote...
if u want try photoshop theme u can dowload for here: in this webpage go to bottom and u will see small word "save file" hope u will like it
Sun10Jan at 3:52 pm
meister wrote...
I mean mobile photoshop theme for xpresssketch
Mon22Feb at 9:11 am
Simian wrote...
There's now a Flickr Group "Symbian Sketch" for artwork created on Symbian phones. Many of the drawings have been created with Xpress Sketch! 10/10 Please visit, join, contribute, etc. Thanks.
Sun28Mar at 11:58 am
Abirami wrote...
Wed12May at 1:57 am
Pankaj wrote...
Fantastic application. Must have!!
Fri28May at 1:49 pm
RAMANA wrote...
nice and useful good application.
Sun19Sep at 12:30 pm
simona wrote...
i`m a girl
Mon1Nov at 6:33 am
abbi wrote...
I can't get it to run, missing python and another item. please help!!
Mon1Nov at 6:43 am
abbi wrote...
I have installed Python (from the link) but all it does is show a "chessboard" like screen... please help!
Tue4Jan at 9:54 am
ronny wrote...
just download this application
Mon25Apr at 12:01 am
salaikanga wrote...
Wed2May at 11:44 pm
Nayeem khan wrote...
Mon11Jun at 2:09 am
Charma wrote...
Love apps.
Fri6Jul at 11:58 am
rahul wrote...
good app



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