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» Y-Inclinometer for Nokia N95

Summary: Y-Inclinometer shows vehicle angle while off-roading using the N95 accelerometer.

Symbian Nokia N95

Arrived: 2007-11-04
Found under: s60, n95, nokia, vehicle, car, angle, utilities, off-road
Symbian Y-Inclinometer for Nokia N95 freeware

» Y-Inclinometer for Nokia N95 Description

Y-Inclinometer shows vehicle angle while off-roading using the N95 accelerometer. just Fix your phone in a secure cradle and then launch the app!

for more information and updates check out the DrJukka web site

the Y-Inclinometer for Nokia N95 for Symbian OS

» Comments

Sun4Nov at 2:17 pm
Milan wrote...
Download the Y-Inclinometer for Nokia N95 for Symbian OS
Mon5Nov at 12:33 am
Johnny wrote...
What a great idea,must be loads of other potential uses.
Mon5Nov at 4:05 am
dmn917 wrote...
it work on Nokia 5500?
Mon5Nov at 6:26 am
Dr. Jukka wrote...
This version does not work on 5500, I'll check if I have time (and device to test on) to make separate version. Basically quite much the same, some differences on the internal values though..
Tue6Nov at 7:50 pm
Alvin Lai wrote...
Cool software.......I like it
Wed7Nov at 6:48 am
Symbian Freeware wrote...
try another interesting app using the N95 rotation sensor:
Thu8Nov at 7:52 pm
Truck Nutta wrote...
How does this work as I have installed to my N95 but does not show in my Apps.
Fri9Nov at 1:45 am
diLin wrote...
This not show in my applications!
Wed14Nov at 5:28 am
vinu wrote...
Thu15Nov at 4:07 am
Dr. Jukka wrote...
As with all of my applications, its not under "my applications", instead its located in folder called ""
Tue27Nov at 1:28 am
ajjjjj wrote...
Thu29Nov at 5:37 am
Omar wrote...
Sun9Dec at 3:53 am
styvy wrote...
Sat22Dec at 7:16 am
vikas wrote...
will this work on nokia n73?
Sun23Dec at 6:34 am
derek wrote...
will this work on nokia n95 8GB?
Fri4Jan at 3:00 am
James wrote...
Very good but my since i don't have a cradle for my n95 my phone is laid flat in both cars i use. I found it was showing my car as being vertical. Would be more use to have an option to either run with phone laid flat or stood in a cradle. great idea just not followed through.
Mon21Jan at 10:22 am
david wrote...
Sun27Jan at 7:07 am
anal wrote...
Sun3Feb at 4:17 am
paul wrote...
Mon4Feb at 8:23 am
mussy wrote...
this is a great lil gadget
Thu13Mar at 1:28 pm
pica_pau wrote...
To me says that the certificate was expired, and refuses to install on N95 8Gb!!!! Any Idea or solution?
Sun6Apr at 11:32 am
hola wrote...
Mon7Apr at 6:15 am
viky wrote...
hey it says certificate expired and it doesnt install on my n95 8g help me pls it is inclinometer software
Wed9Apr at 7:31 pm
yockie wrote...
cool stuff !
Fri16May at 5:22 am
abu ali wrote...
Fri23May at 2:17 am
sanros wrote...
it says certificate expired sum one plz help me out, hw cn i instal inclinometer in n95
Fri23May at 11:07 am
Efrain Reyes wrote...
it says certificate expired sum one plz help me out, hw cn i instal inclinometer in n95
Fri23May at 11:11 am
McGiver wrote...
mine say certificate expired do any body have a link for one that doesnt have this little Issue
Thu29May at 10:53 am
yesh wrote...
Thu29May at 10:56 am
yesh wrote...
Sat5Jul at 2:14 pm
shyne wrote...
pls cn anyone let me knw of how i can make s60v3 applications to work on s60v2
Tue12Aug at 9:24 am
R-kun wrote...
if you get an error like "expired certificate" try changing your phone's date (i put 2007 in mine)
Sat13Sep at 7:47 pm
rogerio wrote...
how to instal the inclinometer? it works in Nokia N73
Wed19Nov at 3:39 pm
nickluck wrote...
how does it work for my n95? do i have to sign it in in symbyan signing?? i doesn't has a certificate vadility.
Wed31Dec at 12:58 pm
storm_trouper wrote...
Try: Go to Application Manager > Options > Settings and set "Online Certificate check " = Off and Software Installation = All.
Thu1Jan at 5:24 am
phil wrote...
even turning cert chk off and inst all and to the phone internal mem. still no go. Help please
Tue20Jan at 4:11 pm
david wrote...
does not show in applications. As for users with expired certificate, go to settings and change date to jan 2008 and all will be dandy.
Wed1Jul at 1:34 am
Norm wrote...
I've got the N95 but it wouldn't Activate.
Thu3Jun at 2:28 pm
ahsan wrote...
Fri24Dec at 11:31 am
seyedalimirnezami wrote...
i donthaveanycartsineedfree
Thu24Nov at 2:32 pm
Robbi wrote...
certificate out of order
Fri21Sep at 3:44 pm
erfelek wrote...



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