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» yograbo

Summary: YoGrabo Live is a service that lets you broadcast LIVE from your cellphone so that you can transmit any event in real time using any Wi-Fi or GPRS connection of the mobile.

Symbian OS

Arrived: 2008-12-01
Found under: video, live, broadcast, s60, live
Symbian yograbo freeware

» yograbo Description

What is Yograbo Live!

It is a service that lets you broadcast live from your cellphone so that you can transmit any event in real time using any Wifi or GPRS connection of the mobile. Video streaming from your phone at any time from anywhere.

How does it work?

All you have to do is download it and install it on your cellphone. (You must be registered with to use this service).

Important: When installing the application may emerge a certificate of error. To fix this you must allow software installations unsigned: Go to Menu / Tools / Settings / Application / Manager of Applications / Software Installation / and choose Everything here by default because the motives are configured to install applications just signed. For the broadcast is fuida as possible, when you use WiFi connection to make sure you're not sharing bandwidth with any P2P program as Emule, Azureus ...

To begin to cast go to Options / connect and the bull!

As a broadcast starts were alerted to all users at that time are surfing the web and they, if they so choose, can attend your event. Once finished the issue, it is added to your vlog along with all of your videos published earlier.

the yograbo for Symbian OS

» Comments

Mon1Dec at 6:51 am
Gianluca Murano wrote...
Mon1Dec at 4:10 pm
Josh wrote...
Amazing!!! ;)
Sat8Aug at 12:10 pm
Moni wrote...
Thu10Jun at 1:18 am
saran wrote...
i like it
Wed2Nov at 5:16 am
Indian wrote...
Last one to utilize this is a roettn egg!
Wed6Jun at 10:11 am
Jomari wrote...
I have Nokia N8, and I tried to delete a meagsse form whats app group but i couldn't, it exit me from the group . is ther any way to delete chat or meagsse only and keep me withen the group ?



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