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» Youlu Adress Book

Summary: Youlu Adress Book is a contacts, calls and messages manager for Symbian s60 3rd and 5th edition.

Symbian s60 3rd and 5th edition

Arrived: 2010-09-28
Found under: call, message, contacts, adressbook, manager, s60, 3rd, 5th
Symbian Youlu Adress Book freeware

» Youlu Adress Book Description

Youlu Adress Book is a powerful contacts, calls and messages manager for Symbian s60 3rd and 5th edition. The program combines many functions and can replace several standard applications such as Contacts, Messages and Log.

Features of the app includes high work speed, full integration with standard applications, data backup, call recording, vibration signal for dialing and more. Besides using the Address Book, you can always sync your data and settings with developer's server. The app has a beautiful user friendly interface.

Key features:
Own address book with the ability to edit;
Creating and editing contacts, groups;
Working with messages in the conversations form (SMS-chat);
Quick search by name & number;
Individual call and messages log for each contact;
Ability to record calls;
Support for hot keys;
Vibration signal when dialing up to the called contact;
Quick access to your address book from standby mode (Smart Dialing);
Create a backup of messages;
Synchronize your contacts and calendar with the server;

the Youlu Adress Book for Symbian OS

» Comments

Wed29Sep at 6:23 am
mukto wrote...
nice, very nicely working in my nokia x6-00
Wed29Sep at 8:17 am
navin wrote...
the best app downloaded ever. A must have app. works very good on nokia e63. Thank you
Wed29Sep at 2:11 pm
mukto wrote...
many many thanks to the uploader.... Anyone can invite me in for chatting
Thu30Sep at 3:18 am
Yana wrote...
Thu30Sep at 8:04 am
murali wrote...
send me the link to download the free symbian s60- 5th edition to call from mobile
Fri1Oct at 11:52 am
Eric yuga purwanto wrote...
Wed6Oct at 1:53 am
praveen wrote...
The best app Superb
Wed6Oct at 8:40 am
daan wrote...
Super app! missing pop-up for sms and the option to choose to see the "sms tab" when opening the program.
Wed6Oct at 9:35 am
Fezzani wrote...
One of the best app.I've ever used .work very nice on e71 awesome. thanks.
Sat30Oct at 1:44 am
Sundew wrote...
Nice app! Gives me more to do in my Symbian v5 device (X6).. But it will be nice to see updates in the future!
Fri5Nov at 9:52 am
Bobby wrote...
How can I diplay my contacts with last name and then first name?
Sun7Nov at 1:46 am
its so good
Wed17Nov at 2:19 am
peha wrote...
can't work in my samsung i-450 :(
Thu18Nov at 3:39 am
simon wrote...
hello... it is very good apps but not work by my vivaz sony ericsson...not record my conversetion please i need help ..wat can do to work this apps in vivaz.thanks
Fri26Nov at 1:22 pm
kaymrec wrote...
i want to try it first
Sun12Dec at 4:10 am
IsraelUser wrote...
Hi- Thanks! YouLu is great. The only problem I'm having is that names written in Hebrew are reversed. Maybe that's true for Arabic (also a right-to-left language) names also.
Sat25Dec at 12:19 am
Hossein wrote...
Thanks very much for the great application. There is a problem in right-to-left showing names and message texts for arabic language. please fix it.
Sun2Jan at 4:02 am
siboy wrote...
i can't download this link. is it work on nokia e5? Please send me the link. Tks
Mon3Jan at 11:59 am
altaf wrote...
very good apps
Fri28Jan at 9:52 am
Harendra wrote...
This is very good software
Sat23Apr at 2:51 am
Ajay Sharma wrote...
Thanks for the software, but i have to change my mobile then how could iuse my backup contacts n messages in new mobile
Thu5May at 11:27 am
jithin wrote...
how do i recover backup messages
Mon9May at 3:08 am
isan wrote...
thanks for thi awesome apps
Thu12May at 9:22 am
bukek siansu wrote...
excellent apps. it's for for my nokia E5.
Tue17May at 9:02 am
milind wrote...
i m trying to record the call but is not recording more than 21 seconds pls can any 1 help me...........
Wed15Jun at 1:37 am
jones wrote...
youlu is a great app. my only problem is i cant sign up. so i cant back up my contacts and messages. any help?
Sun17Jul at 10:11 am
anoop wrote...
Mon18Jul at 12:33 pm
arush wrote...
I like this software very much n very easy to utilies the recording, sms replies, recording calls are e.t.c
Sun7Aug at 1:23 am
Abdul waliyi wrote...
i am good boy
Sun7Aug at 4:52 am
abdul waliyi 2 wrote...
i am good boy
Mon8Aug at 12:06 pm
abdul waliyi wrote...
i am good boy
Fri7Oct at 5:25 pm
shivam wrote...
i m shivam
Fri7Oct at 7:29 pm
sumit wrote...
i m sumit
Sun6Nov at 5:38 pm
shivam wrote...
i m shivam
Sun6Nov at 5:39 pm
shivam wrote...
i m shivam
Fri11Nov at 1:32 am
subash wrote...
youlu s doing great
Thu17Nov at 11:12 am
Puja chowdhury wrote...
Wed21Dec at 3:43 pm
Ferozmangal wrote...
It's working on my nokia 5233 but there is a problem that i can't sign in or sign up for 2nd time because i forgot my password.please anyone can help me?
Sat14Jan at 1:54 am
raghavan wrote...
very nice
Tue14Feb at 12:27 pm
shivam wrote...
Fri17Feb at 2:29 am
mirac wrote...
a very useful software
Thu23Feb at 8:43 pm
Marina wrote...
I have been using it for a few mtnohs as well In the new version my favorite new feature is the Add from Contacts because it's clumsy for me to type on the iPhone keyboard with my fat fingers
Thu5Apr at 2:54 am
shivam wrote...
i love u
Thu5Apr at 6:55 am
shivam wrote...
Fri6Apr at 3:36 pm
iytaa wrote...
hey all,pls invite me to group on ur youlu . .ths is ma number 6287728420040
Sun27May at 7:39 am
Gde budi arthika wrote...
Thanks for youlu..muach muach
Mon16Jul at 1:33 pm
AnuSorn wrote...
Swerve - Bobby Gruenewald ( - Mobile Ministry Since I plan to spend several posts dissscuing mobile, I figured it would be good for us to start with a quick 101 to cover some the basic terms and concepts surrounding mobile. Warning to you tech-savvy readers: this post will probably be very basic. (more to follow)
Fri27Jul at 10:19 pm
raju wrote...
Sun26Aug at 8:21 am
rudy wrote...
mboh ra...roh
Wed19Sep at 6:01 am
purushotham wrote...
Sun18Nov at 4:38 am
merta wrote...



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