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» LightSaber for Nokia N95
This applications uses the N95 accelerometer API to create a lightsaber sounds for the Nokia N95.
Arrived: 2020-02-03
Found under: n65, Accelerometer, lightsaber
shotGun is an accelerometer-based shotgun application for your mobile device.
Arrived: 2010-03-22
Found under: shotgun, accelerometer, utilities
» XpressBeer 0.15
XpressBeer is an emulation of a beer can from which you can drink.
Arrived: 2009-09-03
Found under: fun, entertainment, beer, accelerometer
» Frozen Bubble Twisted
Frozen Bubble is a popular free puzzle game, ported to almost all platform.
Arrived: 2008-11-27
Found under: s60, accelerometer, puzzle, games
» nAlertMe
nAlertMe is an accelerometer-based freeware application that sounds a loud alarm when any movement is detected.
Arrived: 2008-11-10
Found under: alarm, alert, movement, accelerometer,
» Gravitation
A Symbian application using accelerometer. That app simulates an hourglass, if you want you can change the time in the menu pane, at end of app the mo...
Arrived: 2008-10-06
Found under: gravitation, accelerometer, nokia, s60, hourglass
» WaterBox
WaterBox is actually a fluid simulator that uses the built-in accelerometer to detect the phone movement and simulate the fluid moving.
Arrived: 2008-07-24
Found under: s60, accelerometer, fluid, simulator
» FlipSilent
flip over your phone to make it silent
Arrived: 2008-07-22
Found under: flip, silent, calls, accelerometer, s60
» pyWuzzler
pyWuzzler simulates a head-to-head table soccer match
Arrived: 2008-07-22
Found under: games, accelerometer, sensor, football, table, s60, n95
» Magic Level
Magic Level is an application that you can use on an accelerometer enabled Symbian phone such as the Nokia N95.
Arrived: 2008-06-17
Found under: level, n95, s60, accelerometer

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