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» Converter
Converter for Symbian s60 5th edition java application offers you a conversion of almost everything that is convertible
Arrived: 2010-10-24
Found under: convert, distances, volume, weight, temperature, speed, area, s60, 5th
» Xchanger
Xchanger is a currency converter for Symbian s60 3rd and 5th edition.
Arrived: 2010-06-01
Found under: change, currency, exchange, money, convert, s60, 3rd, 5th
» Image Converter 5th
Image Converter 5th for Symbian s60 5th edition helps you to convert your images into different formats.
Arrived: 2010-05-17
Found under: convert, image, picture, jpg, gif, png, s60, 5th
» Converter Touch
Converter Touch is a free converter lengths, volumes, speed and more.
Arrived: 2009-09-19
Found under: application, utilities, converter, mesure, s60
» ImageConverter
Arrived: 2009-01-23
Found under: utilities, s60, converter, image
» Mobiola Video Converter and remote file manager
Unique easy to use video converter and file manager. Drag
Arrived: 2007-03-15
Found under: mobiola, video, converter, remote, file, manager,
» Currency Converter for Series 60
Version 2.0 Features: - three input fields (you can select currency for 1st and 2nd field) - copy result to clipboard - all old currencies of eu...
Arrived: 2006-07-01
Found under: converter, utilities
» EPOCfromMMP-LT - the Symbian OS VC++ project Converter
EPOCfromMMP-LT - the Symbian OS VC++ project Converter for Visual Studio .NET 2003.
Arrived: 2004-10-13
Found under: epocfrommmp-lt, the, symbian, project, converter
» Hijri Date Convertor
The Hijri Convertor is Gregorian to Islamic date convertor.
Arrived: 2004-08-17
Found under: hijri, date, convertor
» HijriConverter
HijriConverter is a small utility that converts Christian dates to Islamic dates and Vice Versa. (A.D to after al hijra and vice versa).
Arrived: 2004-03-14
Found under: hijriconverter

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