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» VLCTelecontrol
VLCTelecontrol is a small, free application for Nokia smartphones (Symbian S60). It lets you use your smartphone as a remote control for VideoLAN
Arrived: 2011-12-02
Found under: Applications, Entertainment
» Vuvuzela Piano
vuvuzela piano, play your team's song in vuvuzela sounds, make the most annoying music...
Arrived: 2011-10-31
Found under: Applications, Entertainment
» What if
What if super-heroes come to India? What if the world is run by software guys? A comic series of implausible and crazy imaginations that spring
Arrived: 2011-07-07
Found under: Applications, Entertainment
» Worldreader Books
Read thousands of books on your phone for free. A library in your pocket. Content sourced from Worldreader local authors and Project Gutenberg book
Arrived: 2012-04-11
Found under: Applications, Entertainment
» X-Ray Scanner
Its just a fake X-Ray application
Arrived: 2008-11-10
Found under: x-ray, scanner, fun, entertainment
» Xpress Drums
Make all the noise you want with this set of drums.
Arrived: 2010-02-24
Found under: music, drums, fun, entertainment
» XpressBeer 0.15
XpressBeer is an emulation of a beer can from which you can drink.
Arrived: 2009-09-03
Found under: fun, entertainment, beer, accelerometer
» Yes/No for Nokia 5800XpressMusic
Yes/No is a fun application for Nokia 5800XpressMusic or Nokia N97.
Arrived: 2009-10-04
Found under: application, entertainment, game, s60

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