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» SlickLotto
Generate numbers for any Lotto board game. You should select the numbers range, the board size and the number of boards to be generated. You can also
Arrived: 2012-01-16
Found under: Applications, Entertainment
» Slide Show Devotional Free
Want to have Religious Images in your mobile? Now see the Slide Show with God's Images! Watch slide show of all images. 'Options'
Arrived: 2012-02-13
Found under: Applications, Entertainment
» Smell Scanner
Now turn your mobile phone into a Smell Scanner and have fun fooling your friends. You ’ll trick everybody in believing that your phone can
Arrived: 2011-04-11
Found under: Applications, Entertainment
» Sneeze Attack Lite
'Sneeze Attack is a fun filling application for your mobile phone which allows you to play pranks on friends and family, and watch people step
Arrived: 2010-11-25
Found under: Applications, Entertainment
» Solar Charger
Arrived: 2012-07-02
Found under: Applications, Entertainment
» Sonic Grenade
Sonic Grenade is an app aimed for crowd control and playing pranks on friends. Disclaimer: Read the instructions before using. Connect the phone
Arrived: 2012-02-23
Found under: Applications, Entertainment, Grenade, Sound
» Stun Gun
Virtual stun gun with realistic visual, sound and vibration effects. Use it to trick and play pranks on people. Completely harmless to use.
Arrived: 2011-08-19
Found under: Applications, Entertainment
» SudoMasters
Sudokumasters is an application that demonstrates how to design a simple Flash Lite Sudoku game!
Arrived: 2009-03-23
Found under: game, application, entertainment, s60
» SuperMarioBros
Arrived: 2009-01-26
Found under: application, game, entertainment, mario
» SWiiPlayer
Connect Wiimote to phone. Play games on touchscreen phones which need keys to interact or just control other features of phone.
Arrived: 2012-01-05
Found under: Applications, Entertainment

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