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» Alert Adjuster
Alert Adjuster for Symbian s60 5th edition app switches automatically your phone to your preferred profile mode for a specified calendar event.
Arrived: 2010-10-26
Found under: alert, notify, calendar, event, mode, s60, 5th
» Here and Now
Here and now offers easy-to-use web services related to your current location. Check the local weather at a glance and get other topical information while on the move.
Arrived: 2010-03-28
Found under: application, weather, events, forecast, s60, 5th
NEWSWEEK mobile The Web can provide a flood of information on news and events every minute of every day.
Arrived: 2010-03-07
Found under: news, information, events
» FallyMeter
Fallymeter is a free useless utility to measure the distance of a storm or the height of a precipice.
Arrived: 2010-02-24
Found under: analyze, weather, event, forecast, storm
» Gig Finder
Gig Finder lets you search concerts and live music entertainment, purchase tickets directly from your mobile.
Arrived: 2010-01-12
Found under: music, concert, find, download, event, artists, search, entertainment, s60
» Coming Next Widget
ComingNext is a calendar homescreen widget for the Nokia N97.
Arrived: 2009-10-23
Found under: application, unility, calendar, plan, event, s60
» Calendar Outlook 1.8
Calendar widget for Nokia N97
Arrived: 2009-09-28
Found under: calendar, outlook, mail, sync, events, s60
» Desk Count
Desk Count v 1.0 beta
Arrived: 2009-02-04
Found under: application, utilities, event, plan, s60
» DeskCountdown
DeskCountdown for S60v3 is a freeware application that can set a date for an oncoming event, calc how many days to left and it can show on the desktop.
Arrived: 2009-02-03
Found under: events, countdown, timer, desktop, today, s60 is a mobile friendly s60 3rd and 5th edition free software directory with some great gps, games, themes, battery and game applications

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