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» Discover Pakistan Quiz
Celebrate Pakistan's 64th Independence Day. Let's find out how well we know our country.
Arrived: 2011-09-06
Found under: Games, Education
» Terror Terrain
Its the 21st Century, Mankind has reached new heights in advancement but cannibalism is still persistent in the form of Terror. Terror Terrain is all
Arrived: 2011-08-31
Found under: Games, Action
» Adventure of Ted
Jump, run and kick your enemies out of your way. Save Ted from enemies and help him to get to his home in this cute game. This game will keep you
Arrived: 2011-08-29
Found under: Games, Adventure
» World Of Rabbit - Dusk Fight
A new game in the World Of Rabbit Universe. Complete the puzzles to post your scores to Barking Seed, yep another breakdesign game this time for all
Arrived: 2011-08-25
Found under: Games, Puzzle
» Millionaire City
Welcome to Millionaire City! Become a powerhouse CEO and watch the money roll in all from the convenience of your phone. Build your monopoly from the
Arrived: 2011-08-24
Found under: Games, Strategy
» Ball Mania
Play an intuitive game with rotating balls. Guide them to their goal by dragging and protecting them from opponents. Get ready to chill your
Arrived: 2011-08-23
Found under: Games, Arcade
» Psycho Hunter
You play the game and we will tell your personality. It is simple game of deer hunt with good personality analysis tool for understanding your
Arrived: 2011-08-22
Found under: Games, Action
» Maze
Classic Maze! And now specially adapted for Kids! Discover the correct path and reach your target while avoiding the obstacles in between. Equipped
Arrived: 2011-08-22
Found under: Games, Puzzle
» Kaboooooooom
A game where you have to disarm bombs. are you the best anti-terrorist out there? disarm as many bombs as you can and enter the global top!
Arrived: 2011-08-19
Found under: Games, Action
» World Of Rabbit
For centuries the surface has been ruled by robots, but deep underground life continues. Welcome to The World Of Rabbit! Embark on a quest that will
Arrived: 2011-08-15
Found under: Games, Adventure

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