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» Widgetizer
Widgetizer is a Symbian s60 5th edition widget and shortcut adder.
Arrived: 2010-06-29
Found under: wigdet, shortcut, homescreen, clock, icon, s60, 5th
» Express Community Communicator
Express - The Proximity Communicator v1.00 for Symbian s60 5th edition is a New Innovative Use For Mobile Devices!
Arrived: 2010-06-14
Found under: communicate, social, message, emoticons, s60, 5th
» vHome
vHome v3.65 provides a ton of features while still keeping the main layout and functions of your regular homescreen.
Arrived: 2010-06-05
Found under: screen, shortcut, display, icons, s60, 3rd
» vMenu 1.52
vMenu is an alternative iPhone like menu launcher for Symbian phones.
Arrived: 2010-04-19
Found under: Icon, landscape mode, menu, mode, navigation, pace, personal model, phone signals, quot, software icon, touch response, vertical screen
» GDesk
GDesk is a free, customizable and extendable desktop system.
Arrived: 2010-04-19
Found under: gdesk, desktop, extendable, menu, icons, s60, 3rd, 5th
» MMMOOO iConsole
With iConsole, you can try the different UI on your Nokia with a easy smooth feeling. You can add or delete your favorite apps in iConsole, easy to access and use.Now you can launch the apps with this start up menu.
Arrived: 2010-04-16
Found under: utilities, iconsole
» Voyager Menu for 5th edition
Voyager Menu is a cool app which gives your Symbian 5th edition phone, an iPhone style menu.
Arrived: 2010-02-09
Found under: theme, menu, iphone, icons, s60
» Gucci theme
Gucci theme for Symbian s60 phones 3th edition
Arrived: 2008-04-18
Found under: theme, skin, icon, Gucci, Travis, s60
» Pink Equalizer by Taieb
Stylish theme by Taieb with ping equalizer background and unique icons !
Arrived: 2008-03-25
Found under: theme, skin, pink, Taieb, Equalizer, icon
» Icons For Nokia
Customize your Nokia phone menu with this great icons. This installs icons for Nokia 7650, 3650, 3660 and all nokia series, includes Wall Paper and th...
Arrived: 2007-01-28
Found under: icon, set, nokia, s60, s80

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