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» XIM Astro-Math for Kids
XIM Astro-Math for Kids v.1.00 is designed to teach your child basic Math Skills and Zodiac Constellations
Arrived: 2010-04-12
Found under: math, astro, calculate, kids, problems, constellations, s60, 5th
» Mobile Maths
The full version of MobileMaths version 1.5 program is the most powerful mathematical tool for mobile.
Arrived: 2010-03-10
Found under: calculator, science, math, functions, application, utilities, mathematics, student,
» Touch Calc
Touch Calc 60 is a full screen scientific calculator. Simply enter the expression to calculate and hit '=' key to evaluate.
Arrived: 2010-02-25
Found under: calculator, math, financial, bill, functions, scientific
» NiceCalc3 Lite
NiceCalc3 - Free version of the simple but precise calculator with fast "just-one-click" interface.
Arrived: 2009-08-14
Found under: calculator, math, financial
» Touch Maths
TouchMaths is a revolutionary mathematical tool for touchscreen mobile phones.
Arrived: 2009-06-10
Found under: application, utilities, mathematics, student
» Enhanced Calculator
Tired with the age-old Nokia S60 calculator? Here is a new one with advanced features and improved usability. Key features: * Standard...
Arrived: 2008-08-25
Found under: calculator, science, math, functions
» FlashCard - Electronic math flashcard game
Learning math is fun with this electronic flashcard program. Helps kids add, subtract, multiply, and divide
Arrived: 2002-12-12
Found under: flashcard, electronic, math, flashcard, game is a mobile friendly s60 3rd and 5th edition free software directory with some great gps, games, themes, battery and game applications

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