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» MobilityCraft's WaterPower
WaterPower ™ – It is well known that some people need the aid of the sound of running water to Go #1, to relieve themselves…
Arrived: 2010-04-28
Found under: mobility, craft, water, power, sounds, running water, waterpower, s60, 5th
» Green Charging
Green Charging is an application that will assist you in saving power and hence, assists in curbing Global Warming.
Arrived: 2010-04-22
Found under: green, charging, battery, power, energy, information, s60, 5th
» BatteryLife
BatteryLife v1.13 is a battery manager for Symbian
Arrived: 2010-01-15
Found under: battery, manager, power, save, monitor, charging, s60
» Nokia Energy Profiler
Use the Nokia Energy Profiler v1.2 to test and monitor your application’s energy usage in real time in the target device.
Arrived: 2009-03-09
Found under: battery, power, energy, profiler, analyze, utilities, s60, nokia
» PowerBoot
PowerBoot is the solution for people who want to run some certain applications on their cellular phones upon booting up.
Arrived: 2008-06-13
Found under: powerboot, startup
» PowerCall 1.50
PowerCall is an enhanced software of voice call for Symbian S60 series mobile phones.
Arrived: 2006-02-08
Found under: powercall, 150
» Power Call
Power Call is an enhanced software of voice call for Symbian S60 series mobile phones.
Arrived: 2005-11-16
Found under: power, call
» PowerNavigation MapEditor
Freeware Map Editor for Symbianware PowerNavigation!
Arrived: 2004-07-31
Found under: powernavigation, mapeditor is a mobile friendly s60 3rd and 5th edition free software directory with some great gps, games, themes, battery and game applications

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