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» Smart Connect
SmartConnect is a connection manager for Symbian s60 5th edition.
Arrived: 2010-09-23
Found under: connection, manager, wifi, network, s60, 5th
» Spark Beta
Spark Beta for Symbian s60 5th edition allows you to change the user interface and main menu on your mobile.
Arrived: 2010-09-22
Found under: manager, interface, menu, social, weather, news, s60, 5th
» HandWave Beta2
HandWave Beta2 is a touchless interface for S60 3rd Editon.
Arrived: 2010-09-22
Found under: menu, change, hand, navigate, s60, 3rd
» Nokia Own Voice
Nokia Own Voice for Symbian s60 5th edition helps you to record the commands in your own language!
Arrived: 2010-09-22
Found under: navigation, ovi, map, voice, s60, 5th
» Sym4square
Sym4square is a location based Foursquare social app for Symbian s60 5th edition mobile phones.
Arrived: 2010-09-22
Found under: foursquare, social, network, badge, s60, 5th
» Finger Print
Finger Print is a scanning application for Symbian S60 5th edition mobiles.
Arrived: 2010-09-21
Found under: finger, print, scan, unlock, lock, s60, 5th
» Free Fall
Free Fall app for Symbian s60 5th edition mobiles measures the depth of a free fall by using the accelerometer.
Arrived: 2010-09-21
Found under: fall, jump, measure, s60, 5th
» The Count Down
The Count Down is a timer for Symbian s60 5th edition mobile phones.
Arrived: 2010-09-21
Found under: time, chronometre, timer, clock, s60, 5th
» Magic 8-ball
Magic 8-Ball for Symbian s60 5th edition mobiles is a widget used for fortune-telling or seeking advice.
Arrived: 2010-09-21
Found under: magic, advice, fate, toy, s60, 5th
» Talking Clock Lite
Talking Clock Lite v1.00 is a funny time app for Symbian s60 5th edition phones.
Arrived: 2010-09-20
Found under: time, clock, speech, voice, watch, s60, 5th

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