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» FaceContacts
Face Contacts for Symbian s60 5th edition syncs your friends facebook photos with your mobile.
Arrived: 2010-11-01
Found under: facebook, photo, sync, social, image, s60, 5th
» Nokia Image Exchange
Nokia Image Exchange is a free image gallery app for Symbian s60 3rd or 5th edition to make browsing and sharing images fun and easy.
Arrived: 2010-05-14
Found under: photo, browse, social, gallery, upload, image, download, share, synchronization, s60, 3rd, 5th
» Calendar Outlook 1.8
Calendar widget for Nokia N97
Arrived: 2009-09-28
Found under: calendar, outlook, mail, sync, events, s60
» Google Sync
Google Sync offers two-way, over-the-air contacts and calendar synchronization.
Arrived: 2009-05-27
Found under: utilities, syncronization, google, adressbook, s60
» Upvise Personal Edition
Upvise Personal Edition - From public sources of news or reference content like Wikipedia to your indispensable personal data, Upvise makes it easy to sync information between your mobile phone and your web account. and access on-the-go!
Arrived: 2009-03-09
Found under: utilities, sync, data, s60
» FreeTimeBox
FreeTimeBox is a free application for nokia symbian 3rd that can time displaying and time synchronization.
Arrived: 2009-01-21
Found under: time, synchronization, tools
» Swim
Swim is a utility for automatic periodic synchronization of data with internet servers such as Google Calendar (through GooSync), Mobical, Zyb and Ovi.
Arrived: 2009-01-21
Found under: sync, swim, google
» FreeTimeSync
FreeTimeSync is a S60 3rd's time synchronization application, it is based on the NTP (Network Time Protocol)
Arrived: 2008-06-17
Found under: time, utilities, sync
» CalSyncS60 v0.1.4
CalSyncS60 provides two-way synchronization between Nokia S60 phone and Google Calendar.
Arrived: 2008-04-08
Found under: calendar, google, sync
» DAO4Sync Mobile Edition v1.5.4
DAO4Sync establishes a local hard drive representing your mobile data. A Synchronization engine keeps the data in balance.
Arrived: 2007-10-30
Found under: sync, file, system, utilities, memory

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