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» Mobile Antivirus V4.0
Supported by a Cloud-security model, NetQin Mobile Anti-virus v4.0 is designed to protect Symbian devices security against viruses and malware. For
Arrived: 2011-05-16
Found under: Applications, Utilities
» Wellness Diary Beta
Get a healthier lifestyle! Wellness Diary helps you to build healthy habits into your daily routine in many areas – diet, exercise, sleep,
Arrived: 2011-05-12
Found under: Applications, Utilities
» Student Travel News
Travel News from Feedzilla. Keep up-to-date with the latest headlines about student travel here.
Arrived: 2011-04-25
Found under: Applications, Utilities
» Altimeter Touch
Turn your Nokia Touch device into an analogue altimeter and check your altitude above sea level wherever you are. The altimeter displays altitude in
Arrived: 2011-04-19
Found under: Applications, Utilities
» Opera Mini Web Browser 6.0
Get the fastest mobile browser with Opera Mini. By compressing pages with Opera's servers, Opera Mini not only loads webpages faster, but it
Arrived: 2011-03-31
Found under: Applications, Utilities
» PocketLock
PocketLock locks your phone when inside your pocket or bag, and unlocks when taken out. No more need for the lock button on the phone! PocketLock
Arrived: 2011-03-31
Found under: Applications, Utilities
» Timer Touch
On your marks. Get set. Go! Sports timer with unlimited scrollable lap times. A button for start/stop and another for lap times.
Arrived: 2011-03-25
Found under: Applications, Utilities
» Chuck Norris Facts
Chuck Norris counted to infinity - twice. Superman owns a pair of Chuck Norris pajamas. ... everything you always wanted to know about Chuck Norris
Arrived: 2011-03-25
Found under: Applications, Utilities
» Advanced Battery Saver Free
Some days your phone battery runs low too quickly, and those are usually the days you need it the most. Use Advanced Battery Saver (ABS) to extend
Arrived: 2011-03-21
Found under: Applications, Utilities
» FirstAid
FirstAid app brings you an interactive and easy to use and a provision of initial care for illness or injury. Containing more than 50 common
Arrived: 2011-03-11
Found under: Applications, Utilities

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